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Developing Emotional Intelligence

Format: In-Person Seminar
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Developing Emotional Intelligence

Boost your emotional intelligence...enhance your workplace relationships...and turbo-charge your career!

There′s a lot of buzz centered around emotional intelligence in the workplace right now, and with good reason. Cutting-edge research into emotional intelligence has shown that it plays a critical role in higher productivity, performance, and job satisfaction.

People who have a high level of emotional intelligence are more confident, more capable, and earn greater respect from their colleagues. They are also better able to stay calm, flexible, and focused when workplace crises hit and panic threatens to set in.

What Exactly Is "Emotional Intelligence"?

Quite simply, emotional intelligence is a set of competencies that enhance your ability to relate positively to others in the workplace. People with high emotional intelligence are adept at using empathy and constructive communication to create a collaborative, cooperative work environment.

They naturally relate well to others; are able to accomplish more through encouragement and persuasion; and excel at inspiring, guiding, and leading others to achieve their best work. As performers, they tend to be flexible, adaptive, self-motivated, and confident.

If you′re looking for a way to improve your relationships across your organization, understand how and why others behave the way they do, and achieve greater success in all your job-related endeavors, this seminar is one you don′t want to miss.

Unlike your IQ, which is set by the time you are a teenager, your emotional intelligence (EQ) can be improved upon throughout your lifetime. When you attend Developing Emotional Intelligence, you′ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to transform the way you interact with and respond to others.

You Will Discover How To:

  • Evaluate your current level of emotional intelligence
  • Identify your communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Overcome personal beliefs that might be holding you back
  • Understand how your emotions affect others — and how their emotions affect you

How Does Emotional Intelligence Correspond To Workplace Success?

Studies have shown that emotional intelligence can have a profound effect on a person′s ability to create more rewarding, collaborative, and satisfying workplace relationships.

This, in turn, leads to greater productivity, reduced stress and anxiety, higher levels of performance, and a greater sense of teamwork and camaraderie - all critical components of a successful, productive workplace.

When companies hire based on emotional intelligence competencies - like initiative, self-confidence, and leadership - turnover rates drop, productivity levels rise, and profits tend to increase.

Super-Effective For Team Environments!

Team dynamics depend on high levels of emotional intelligence, and what you learn here will give you the skills, tools, and strategies to help any team function more effectively.

You will learn to communicate more openly, deal constructively with resistance and disruptive team behavior, and understand the triggers that spark both positive and negative reactions. Whether you are a team leader or a team member, the skills you′ll master will make team meetings, projects and presentations, discussions, and collaboration that much easier.


The Definition of Intelligence

  • How to define intelligence: What determines a high IQ?
  • Key characteristics of emotional intelligence

Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

  • Your personal style and how it affects your relationships with others
  • Extravert, introvert, thinker, feeler — where do you fall among these four commonly recognized personality traits?
  • How do your preferences impact your effectiveness with other people?
  • Self-awareness: the first key step in developing a higher EQ
  • The Self-Assessment Checklist will help you determine your current emotional intelligence
  • The undeniable benefits of improved emotional intelligence
  • How to seek feedback to improve your self-awareness

Self-Control and Managing Emotions

  • How your right brain and left brain work together - and against each other - to affect your emotional reactions
  • Leadership and emotional intelligence: how they are related
  • Beliefs and their incredible effect on your emotions and behaviors
  • How to handle irrational thinking and overcome negative emotions

Attitude and Motivation

  • Techniques to identify your opportunities to grow and move forward
  • Attitude, ability, and emotions affect them all
  • How to use motivation to overcome the negative thoughts that hold us back
  • Maslow′s Hierarchy of Needs Motivation Model: What′s affecting your aims and drives?
  • Optimism and pessimism: the role they play in your successes and failures
  • Attitude adjustment: How to change your attitude from negative to positive (it can be done!)
  • Set SMART goals to develop professionally and personally

Social Competency: Enhance Your Ability to Understand and Influence Others

  • The importance of empathy in communicating, understanding, listening, establishing rapport, and relationship building
  • The role of establishing rapport in building relationships
  • Are you politically aware? Political savvy and its place in your professional success
  • Keys to communicating effectively with all types of personalities
  • How to master the art of listening and hear what′s not being said
  • Body language: How your nonverbal cues affect the message you′re trying to send — and how to interpret what others are saying with their body language
  • How to adapt your voice to convey the message you really mean
  • Ways to use EQ for team-building: competencies of high-performing teams and their members
  • Dimensions of emotional intelligence: an action plan for the future

Licenses / Designations / Educational Credits:CEU
All US States: 0.6

All US States: 6

HRCI Recertification Credits
All US States: 5.5

All US States: 6
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Developing Emotional IntelligencePort St. Lucie, FL5/30/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceFort Lauderdale, FL5/31/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceMiami, FL6/1/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceCedar Rapids, IA6/4/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceDurango, CO6/4/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSanta Fe, NM6/5/2018
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Developing Emotional IntelligenceAtlanta, GA6/11/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceBakersfield, CA6/11/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceVisalia, CA6/12/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceOakland, CA6/13/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSan Jose, CA6/14/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceEureka, CA6/18/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceEl Paso, TX6/18/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceTucson, AZ6/19/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSan Francisco, CA6/19/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligencePhoenix, AZ6/20/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceMonterey, CA6/20/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligencePRESCOTT, AZ6/21/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceFlagstaff, AZ6/22/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceReno, NV6/25/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceChico, CA6/26/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSacramento, CA6/27/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSouth Burlington, VT7/9/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceWorcester, MA7/10/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceProvidence, RI7/11/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSan Luis Obispo, CA7/11/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceNorwich, CT7/12/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceLos Angeles, CA7/12/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceOntario, CA7/13/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceColumbus, GA7/16/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceBirmingham, AL7/17/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceHenderson, NV7/17/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceHonolulu, HI7/19/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceLahaina, HI7/20/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligencePresque Isle, ME7/24/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceOxnard, CA7/24/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceAnaheim, CA7/25/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceBangor, ME7/25/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceAugusta, ME7/26/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligencePalm Springs, CA7/26/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceWoburn, MA7/27/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSan Diego, CA7/27/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceFort Collins, CO8/6/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSalina, KS8/6/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceBoulder, CO8/7/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceTopeka, KS8/7/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceDenver, CO8/8/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceKansas City, MO8/8/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSt. Joseph, MO8/9/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSalt Lake City, UT8/9/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceHauppauge, NY8/13/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceNew York, NY8/14/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceParsippany, NJ8/15/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceEdison, NJ8/16/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceFreehold, NJ8/17/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligencePueblo, CO8/21/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceColorado Springs, CO8/22/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceGlenwood Springs, CO8/23/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceMontrose, CO8/24/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceJefferson City, MO8/27/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSt. Louis, MO8/28/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSpringfield, IL8/29/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceQuincy, IL8/30/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceMuncie, IN9/10/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceBloomington, IN9/12/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceCleveland, OH9/12/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceEvansville, IN9/13/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceAkron, OH9/13/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceBellingham, WA9/18/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceSeattle, WA9/19/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligencePortland, OR9/20/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceMansfield, OH9/26/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceDayton, OH9/27/2018
Developing Emotional IntelligenceHuntington, WV9/28/2018

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