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Listed below are On-Demand webinars and audio presentations. All have run within the last six months, so all are up-to-date and timely.
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#MeToo For HR

Topics range from the scope of behaviors that cause discomfort in the workplace, to why victims don’t report harassment, to the role of leadership in creating a culture of inclusion.
How To Conduct A Reasonable Accommodation Discussion

The ADA requires employers to make reasonable accommodation for an employee with a covered impairment. Yet while everybody talks about what HR has to do – no one tells HR how to actually do it.
On-Demand HR Webinars, Webcast, and Audio Conferences
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Brand New to HR? Identify The Critical Components Of HR You Need To Know Right Now
Compliance Tips For Gifts, Awards, & Other Fringe Benefits
Detecting And Deterring Payroll Fraud
Disability Discrimination And The Interactive Process
EEO Compliance And Workplace Harassment Prevention
Evaluating Your Paid Time-Off Strategy: PTO Or Traditional Vacation & Sick Pay?
Executive Taxation
Garnishments, Child Support Orders, And Other Levies
Handling Requests For Accommodating Disabilities
How To Avoid The Most-Common FMLA/ADA Compliance Mistakes
How To Be A Coach And Not Just The Boss
How To Conduct A Reasonable Accommodation Discussion
How To Conduct Employee Relations Investigations
How To Do A Payroll Audit - Former Auditor's Expert Advice
How To Document Your Payroll Procedures
How To Get Your Managers To Cooperate With HR
How To Keep HR From Being The Employee Complaint Department
How To Shift HR's Role To Being A Strategic Business Partner
How To Write Clear, Concise, And Compliant Job Descriptions
HR Success: How To Coach Employees To Manage Small Conflicts On Their Own
HR's Guide To Medical Marijuana In The Workplace
IRS Rules For Inpat & Expat Payroll
IRS Rules For Travel Pay
Making The Most Of LinkedIn For HR Professionals
Mandated Sick Pay: Options And Requirements
Motivate Or Terminate
Multi-State Payroll Tax Compliance
OSHA Responsibilities Of The HR Professional
OSHA Rules For Hiring Contract Employees
Payroll Deduction Laws Update
Payroll Records: What To Keep, What To Toss
Payroll Requirements For Terminated Employees
Payroll Rules For Deferred Compensation
Payroll Rules For Employees With Work Visas
Return-To-Work Strategies
Rules And Requirements For Employee Expense Reimbursements
Serious Complaint or Employee Drama?
SOX Rules For Payroll
Tips For Effective Conflict Management
Transitioning To Management: How To Succeed As A New Supervisor
Ways To Save Money On Your Unemployment Insurance
What Must Go In Your Safety Plan
Worker Classification: An Auditor's Advice For IRS Compliance
Workers' Comp 101: The Whats, Whens, And Whys
Workers' Comp Cost Savings Tips
Workers' Compensation Tips: 31 Practical Tips That Strengthen Your Workers' Comp Program - And Your Bottom Line
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