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Managing Emotions Under Pressure

Format: In-Person Seminar
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Managing Emotions Under Pressure

In just one powerful day of training, improve yourself - and your relationships with others around you!

All business is people business. Like it or not, your career depends on how people feel about you — and whether or not they support you.

Here's an opportunity for you — and every member of your team — to develop the steady self-control that people respond to and respect. The stress-management system taught in this seminar is simple — and proven. It can help you live a happier and less stressful life starting the very next day. Just think of how that could impact your team, your department, and even your organization!

Is This Seminar For You? Ask Yourself:

  • Does my temper ever get me into trouble?
  • Do I sometimes rub people the wrong way? (Be honest.) What's the price I pay?
  • When was the last time I promised to change a habit — and I did?
  • How far could my career go if I eliminated one or two counter-productive behaviors?
  • How much time and energy do I spend feeling hurt, guilty, inadequate, worried, or anxious? Where has that gotten me?
  • How much emotional energy do I waste by overreacting?
  • Are any of my bad habits rubbing off on my kids?

Are you concerned enough about your answers to do something? You can at this ground-breaking seminar.

  • You'll have fewer conflicts in your life because people won't be able to "push your buttons" anymore. You'll feel strong, confident, and positive.
  • You'll have higher self-esteem. Self-esteem has more to do with who you are than what you achieve. Discover the crucial difference at this seminar.
  • You'll get more done with less effort because you'll approach projects with more motivation and mental clarity.
  • You'll enjoy life more. If you believe that life is better when you're in control, then this seminar is for you.

Managing Emotions Under Pressure Will Benefit You!

Using the most effective tools of modern psychology, you'll be able to conquer even the toughest situations and achieve amazing results:

  • When you start to lose your temper … you'll remain calm and clearheaded.
  • When you're upset and feel the tears well up … you'll stay powerful and effective.
  • When you're faced with a difficult challenge … you'll stick with it, even when solutions don't come easily.
  • When you feel overwhelmed … you'll stay productive and positive.

Achieving what you want in life means doing what it takes … not just now and then … not just when you feel like it … but every day. It takes learning self-discipline and emotional control. And that's why so many people have found this seminar to be so powerful.


How To Stay Calm And Productive Under Pressure

  • Learn how best to respond to other people's outbursts and rampages
  • Use proactive (vs. reactive) strategies in stressful situations
  • Confront people and issues you've been avoiding- so conflicts don't stew silently
  • Respond to irrational thinking productively, and break the pattern

Break The Habits That Hurt You

  • Eliminate disruptive habits — and replace them with constructive behaviors
  • Avoid overreacting emotionally and hurting relationships both at work and home
  • Kick habits that hurt you, such as procrastinating, overeating, being disorganized, and avoiding conflict

Master the elements of self-discipline

  • Learning objectives- express anger by choice and in a way that achieves a positive result
  • Discover ways anger can be used appropriately and effectively
  • Eliminate over-reactive behaviors, and replace them with reasonable behaviors

Realize Behavior And Performance Change

  • Learn Behavior Modification Skills That People Will Notice — and likely want to copy themselves
  • Take ownership of your emotions and your reactions
  • Adapt to workplace changes — even those that are tough to swallow
  • Improve performance through behavioral changes in yourself, your employees, and others
  • Follow through on plans; turn good intentions into reality and achieve more goals


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All US States: 6
About The Provider: Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack, divisions of PARK University Enterprises, Inc., create one of the most respected international providers of professional seminars.

Since pioneering the one-day seminar in 1970 as Fred Pryor Seminars, our organization has built a reputation for high-quality, convenient, and practical business-skills training around the world, in every industry and sector.

Today, with more than 8 million satisfied customers, we continue to pride ourselves in providing the superior training you've come to expect from Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack. Our cutting-edge research and course development are designed to meet the adult learning needs of your employees and your organization.

Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack are your number one choices for training because we offer:
  • In-depth experience in the training industry
  • Consistent and comprehensive course offerings
  • High-energy and content-rich presentations
  • Multiple training tools, including on-site training, on-line learning, seminars, and A/V products
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
As we continue to grow, expand, and change to meet client and market needs, we always remember that every individual customer matters and that collectively, they are our most valuable assets. That's why our goal is the same today as it was 30 years ago — to provide the best choice in business skills training with maximum convenience to help you — our customer — achieve success!
Price: $149.00
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Currently Scheduled Dates For This Seminar
Course TitleCity/StateDate
Managing Emotions Under PressureMIAMI, FL10/28/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureTUPELO, MS10/31/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureKALAMAZOO, MI10/31/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureSAN LUIS OBISPO, CA11/1/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureJACKSON, MS11/1/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureANN ARBOR, MI11/1/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureVENTURA, CA11/2/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureTROY, MI11/2/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureANAHEIM, CA11/3/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureFLINT, MI11/3/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureRANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA11/4/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureTRAVERSE CITY, MI11/4/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureHONOLULU, HI11/7/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureBUFFALO, NY11/8/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureROCHESTER, NY11/9/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureHENDERSON, NV11/9/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureLAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ11/10/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureSYRACUSE, NY11/10/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureUTICA, NY11/14/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureWEST MONROE, LA11/14/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureSAN DIEGO, CA11/14/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureCARLSBAD, CA11/15/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureLAKE CHARLES, LA11/15/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureALBANY, NY11/15/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressurePITTSFIELD, MA11/16/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureBURBANK, CA11/16/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureBATON ROUGE, LA11/16/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureNEW ORLEANS, LA11/17/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressurePOCATELLO, ID11/28/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressurePUEBLO, CO11/28/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureBOISE, ID11/29/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureCOLORADO SPRINGS, CO11/29/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureCHARLESTON, WV11/30/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureSPOKANE, WA11/30/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureDENVER, CO11/30/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureSALT LAKE CITY, UT12/1/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureCOLUMBUS, OH12/1/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureAKRON, OH12/2/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureROCK SPRINGS, WY12/2/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureLEWISTON, ID12/5/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureKENNEWICK, WA12/6/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureCINCINNATI, OH12/6/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureDAYTON, OH12/7/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureYAKIMA, WA12/7/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureCANTON, OH12/8/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureCLEVELAND, OH12/9/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureGILLETTE, WY12/12/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureBILLINGS, MT12/12/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureBOZEMAN, MT12/13/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureCASPER, WY12/13/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureFORT COLLINS, CO12/14/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureGREAT FALLS, MT12/14/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureBOULDER, CO12/15/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureKALISPELL, MT12/15/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureAURORA, CO12/16/2016
Managing Emotions Under PressureBELLINGHAM, WA1/9/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureEVERETT, WA1/10/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureKITCHENER, ON1/10/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureSEATTLE, WA1/11/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureHAMILTON, ON1/12/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureANCHORAGE, AK1/12/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureWINNIPEG, MB1/13/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureTAUNTON, MA1/13/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureCALGARY, AB1/16/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressurePRESQUE ISLE, ME1/17/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureEDMONTON, AB1/17/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureURBANA, IL1/18/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureBANGOR, ME1/18/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureKELOWNA, BC1/18/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressurePORTLAND, OR1/18/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureCOLUMBIA, MO1/20/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureBRAINTREE, MA1/20/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureTACOMA, WA1/20/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressurePRINCE GEORGE, BC1/20/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureLAFAYETTE, IN1/23/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureINDIANAPOLIS, IN1/24/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureNEW HAVEN, CT1/25/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureLOUISVILLE, KY1/25/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureOTTAWA, ON1/25/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureCHILLICOTHE, MO1/25/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureLEXINGTON, KY1/26/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureWICHITA, KS1/27/2017
Managing Emotions Under PressureBARRIE, ON1/27/2017

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