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Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 Basics

Format: In-Person Seminar
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Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 Basics

Discover the basics, plus expert power tips!

Starting with the basics and moving to more advanced features, you'll learn how to turn Excel into your most powerful productivity tool. If you're only tapping into a few of the features of this powerful and versatile software, get set for a productivity explosion! You'll learn hundreds of ways to work faster, smarter, and savvier with Excel!

You don't have to waste hours wading through thick manuals … sitting in classes for days, even weeks … fruitlessly punching keys in trial and error learning efforts — forget all that! Our guaranteed one-day computer training gives you the most information possible in the least amount of time. Most of us don't have time in our busy workdays for extended training or on-the-job learning. Enroll in Excel Basics today, and you'll master the basics and move on to the tough stuff — away from deadlines, demands, and office pressures.

So many of us work by habit — doing things the same old way we learned to do them the first time. Break free of old habits and discover the Excel power tools that are available and just waiting to be used! You'll learn the ABCs of using charts, graphs, fonts, borders, shading, and more — and produce spreadsheets that communicate better and really get attention! You'll leave the seminar with a pack of professional tips for brilliant, distinctive output every time, on every worksheet!

This one-day seminar is for beginning to intermediate users. Learn how to set up Excel to meet your personal needs at work or at home, and customize its many features so that it works for you!

  • Master an array of Excel formulas and functions that put spreadsheet power at your fingertips!
  • Design and organize the best possible worksheet — before you enter the first number
  • Give your worksheets visual punch with exciting charts and graphs, step by step, the easy way!
  • Make editing easy — fearlessly copy, move, delete, insert, or replace anything in your worksheet!
  • Solve common printing problems and end irritating output surprises once and for all
  • Macros now! Even if you're a beginner, create and use simple macros that save time and sidestep mistakes!


Take a Quick Tour of Excel Basics!

  • Shortcut menus: the most efficient way to access commands for any task
  • Help for Help! How to find what you need in Help without the endless searching and scrolling
  • How to select cells or ranges of cells — 2 methods to choose from
  • How to find a single file or a particular workbook in record time

Build a Worksheet From the Ground Up

  • What to consider before you create a worksheet — expert advice on building a worksheet framework that will accomplish your objectives
  • Tips for entering text and numbers, and a super-quick way to cancel or confirm your entry
  • The view you need — how to zoom in and zoom out of your worksheet
  • When titles and labels keep moving out of view: techniques to freeze them in place while you move around your worksheet

Harness the Real Power Behind the Numbers

  • Formula and Function basics — on-the-mark advice that will end confusion once and for all
  • Mathematical formulas made easy: how to subtract, multiply, or divide data
  • Basic Excel functions that let you calculate averages, percentages, and much more using built-in predefined formulas

Learn the Techniques That Produce Visually Exciting Worksheets!

  • The secrets to attractive, readable worksheets: 5 formatting guidelines that apply to any worksheet you produce
  • How to control alignment, decimals, dollar signs, and more — in one easy operation
  • Fonts, shading, and borders that increase the readability and attractiveness of your worksheet

Get the Output You Want Without Trial-and-Error Printing

  • Print Options: the many choices Excel gives you to customize your printing. Plus, how to add headers, footers, and page numbers to a worksheet
  • No more strange page breaks — how to set manual page breaks and ensure that your titles and labels print on every page

Add Impact and Visual Punch To Your Data!

  • An easy-to-understand glossary of the terms used in charting and graphing data
  • The Chart Wizard — how to easily produce vivid, exciting charts to accompany your data, even if you're a total novice
  • Where to actually put your chart: all about embedded charts, separate charts, and chart sheets within a workbook

Gain Speed, Efficiency, and Ease At Every Session!

  • Large worksheets with Split Windows — the best way to effortlessly view distant figures side by side
  • For mouse-haters: a quick guide to shortcuts that keep your hands on the keyboard
  • An end to macro mystery — how you can automate many tasks using macros

Our Excel training is just what you'll need to increase your productivity and take your current Excel skills to the next level!

CPE Credit

Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack are registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. CPE certificates will be available 10 days after your event has ended.

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All US States: 6
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Price: $79.00
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Currently Scheduled Dates For This Seminar
Course TitleCity/StateDate
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsJEFFERSON CITY, MO8/21/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsPORTLAND, OR8/22/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsFARMINGTON, NM8/22/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsFORT MYERS, FL8/22/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsRIVERSIDE, CA8/22/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsCOLUMBIA, MO8/23/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsSEATTLE, WA8/24/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsORLANDO, FL8/24/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsLAS VEGAS, NV8/24/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsCHANDLER, AZ8/24/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsSAN LUIS OBISPO, CA8/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsBLOOMINGTON, MN8/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsFLAGSTAFF, AZ8/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsCLAYTON, MO8/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsFORT LAUDERDALE, FL8/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsLOS ANGELES, CA8/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsTAMPA, FL8/30/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsSANTA BARBARA, CA8/30/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsPHOENIX, AZ8/30/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsBLOOMINGTON, IL8/30/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsDULUTH, MN8/30/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsPASADENA, CA8/30/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsSAN FRANCISCO, CA9/11/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsCOLUMBIA, MD9/11/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsYOUNGSTOWN, OH9/11/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsEUREKA, CA9/11/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsBOISE, ID9/12/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsHICKORY, NC9/12/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsEVANSVILLE, IN9/12/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsKING OF PRUSSIA, PA9/12/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsGREAT FALLS, MT9/12/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsREDDING, CA9/13/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsPALO ALTO, CA9/13/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsPITTSBURGH, PA9/13/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsTOWSON, MD9/13/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsPHILADELPHIA, PA9/14/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsCHARLOTTE, NC9/14/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsINDIANAPOLIS, IN9/14/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsBOZEMAN, MT9/14/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsSPOKANE, WA9/14/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsCONCORD, CA9/18/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsINDIANA, PA9/18/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsANNAPOLIS, MD9/18/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsCHERRY HILL, NJ9/18/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsLEWISTON, ID9/19/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsLEXINGTON, KY9/19/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsWINSTON-SALEM, NC9/19/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsWINCHESTER, VA9/19/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsSACRAMENTO, CA9/19/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsGREENSBORO, NC9/19/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsLANCASTER, PA9/20/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsRENO, NV9/20/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsFREDERICK, MD9/20/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsRALEIGH, NC9/21/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsSANTA ROSA, CA9/21/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsLOUISVILLE, KY9/21/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsFREDERICKSBURG, VA9/21/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsYAKIMA, WA9/21/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsASHEVILLE, NC9/21/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsSTATE COLLEGE, PA9/25/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsWASHINGTON, DC9/25/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsRICHMOND, VA9/25/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsALLENTOWN, PA9/26/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsCHARLESTON, SC9/26/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsSAN JOSE, CA9/26/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsPRINCETON, NJ9/26/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsBAKERSFIELD, CA9/26/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsFRESNO, CA9/26/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsWENATCHEE, WA9/26/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsNORFOLK, VA9/27/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsFAIRFAX, VA9/27/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsMONTEREY, CA9/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsHARRISBURG, PA9/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsWILMINGTON, NC9/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsKENNEWICK, WA9/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsMODESTO, CA9/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsOAKLAND, CA9/28/2017
Microsoft® Excel® 2007/2010 BasicsATLANTIC CITY, NJ9/28/2017

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