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Advanced Microsoft® Excel® - Macros, PivotTables, Charts And More Agenda

Seminar: ID# 1003955

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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Master Advanced Macros
  • Use the Visual Basic® editor to modify and manage your macros
  • Learn to create customized macro toolbars featuring your most frequently used tools
Manage Your Data
  • Learn how to create data forms for viewing and entering information
  • Enter — or allow others to enter — data into a user-friendly form
  • Review individual records easily, or view only records that meet specific criteria
  • Discover the power of Backstage view
Filter, Query and Analyze Data
  • Learn tips, tools and tricks for getting the most out of AutoFilters, Custom AutoFilters and Advanced Filters
  • Find out how to search for spreadsheet data that fits within specific parameters
  • Discover menu options that allow you to select filtering criteria from your data set with just a few simple clicks
  • Specify a single criterion, or combine two or more to create a custom search of your data
  • Use AND/OR commands to extract data that meets your criteria in a whole new range
  • Create new data ranges on the fly to use with advanced filters so you can extract exactly the information you need
  • Add sparklines to show trends in a series of values, such as seasonal increases or decreases
Use Lookup and Database Functions
  • Add power and flexibility to your formulas by enabling Excel to search out data for you
  • Manage large data lists by performing calculations only on the data you specify
  • Use Excel to perform new lookups and dynamically update your calculation results
Put PivotTables to Work
  • Discover how PivotTables can help you get the most out of your data
  • Create PivotTables from single spreadsheets, external data sources or other PivotTables
  • Use AutoFormat to create your PivotTable quickly and easily
  • Learn how to modify or update a PivotTable
  • Group data in a PivotTable for better organization
  • Control how and where your PivotTable data is displayed
  • Display your data using a PivotChart®
Get to Know the Analysis Toolpak
  • Find out what tools are included in this valuable resource
  • Learn to use Excel's advanced data analysis tools to return a multitude of statistics about your data in just a few keystrokes
  • Use Excel's built-in utilities to analyze correlations in your data
Sharing Excel Across Workgroups
  • Use Excel's robust collaboration tools to control access to shared spreadsheets
  • Understand the different ways to share your spreadsheets with associates and coworkers
  • Comment on specific cells within a given sheet
  • Activate workbook sharing and distribute shared workbooks
  • Maintain control of versions of a shared workbook
  • Easily track and review changes made by multiple users
  • Seamlessly integrate Excel with other applications, the Internet and your organization's intranet
  • Create macros that work with the Web to automatically update your Web charts and graphs at regular intervals
Explore Custom Views, Formatting and Report Manager
  • Discover how to create different display and print settings for the same worksheet — or apply the settings to multiple worksheets
  • Manage saved custom views
  • Use custom views to change the look of your worksheets and workbooks
  • Create, display, print and delete custom views
  • Understand and use the Report Manager to print, edit and manage your reports
  • Expand your knowledge of charts and graphs to create eye-popping graphic images
  • Master formatting effects that make your pages look like you spent hours — when all it took was a few mouse clicks!
  • Apply different Data Bars, Color Scales and Icon Sets to your cell selections using conditional formatting
Advanced Microsoft® Excel® - Macros, PivotTables, Charts And More
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