Anti-Harassment, Conflict, And Harassment Prevention Training

Need Conflict Management And/Or Anti-Harassment Prevention Training?

Learn How To Prevent Bullying And Harassment In The WorkplaceConflict Management Training

Workplace harassment and bullying is becoming an epidemic, so anti-harassment training will help your employees in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the HR Department doesn't find out until the workplace harassment gets so bad that the employee files a lawsuit claiming workplace bullying and a hostile work environment.

So what CAN you do to prevent conflict management such as workplace harassment and bullying in the workplace and an otherwise hostile work environment? And what SHOULD you do if you find out about it after the fact? The best option is to provide harassment prevention training in your workplace.

What Is Anti-Harassment Training?

Harassment refers to any form of verbal, visual, or physical conduct that could create or contribute to an intimidating, offensive, or hostile working environment.

Anti-Harassment training and Workplace Harassment training are cornerstone pieces for all of your compliance training.

About Our Bullying And Workplace Harassment Prevention

Here are just some of the anti-bullying, anti-harassment, and and workplace harassment prevention things you can learn from taking our anti-harassment training courses; specifically, how to:
  • Define behaviors that constitute bullying or other conflict management issuesPreventing Workplace Harassment and Bullying - What Every HR Professional Should Know
  • Learn prevention and intervention strategies organizations should implement to reduce the misconduct
  • Determine if an investigation is necessary
  • Explore the intricacies of interviewing the accuser, the accused, and witnesses
  • Differentiate between formal and informal investigative procedures
  • Reach a conclusion following an investigation
  • Write a formal report outlining the investigation

Recommended Anit-Harassment, Workplace Bullying, And Conflict Management Training Courses

HR Training Center provides a number of bullying, anti-harassment, and workplace harassment prevention training and other conflict management courses. Listed below are some of our most-popular training courses for preventing bullying and harassment in the workplace. Either select one of these recommended courses or select "Bullying/Harassment Prevention" and your state from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.
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About Our Bullying And Workplace Harassment Prevention

Below is an overview of some of our recommended Anit-Harassment, Workplace Bullying, and Conflict Management training courses. For more details about a specific course, simply click the links above.
  • How To Conduct Employee Relations Investigations

    When the time comes to handle touchy employee issues...who do they call??? HR. But is HR properly trained?

    This training session covers the basics of how to gather a statement of complaint, identify witnesses, gather evidence, conduct witness interviews, and document investigative findings.
  • Tips For Effective Conflict Management

    Conflict in and of itself is neither good nor bad. What matters is how conflict is handled. Effective managers, HR professionals, and employees at all levels must be adept at managing conflict in a constructive and productive manner.

    This training session provides practical strategies and tips that you can apply immediately to improve your ability to manage conflict effectively.
  • How To Supervise Bad Attitudes And Negative Behaviors

    If you supervise an employee who has behavior or attitude problems, you need to take action — now!

    Problem employees are lurking in every workplace, and wherever they are, you can be sure they're costing the organization plenty — in lowered morale, lost opportunities, and decreased productivity. In fact, the price can be so high that it's foolish to try to overlook or brush aside the problem.
  • #MeToo For HR

    The social media movement that sprang up in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations quickly spread from exposing pervasive harassment in Hollywood to exposing misconduct by powerful men in the media, politics, finance, and other industries.

    This training session covers how your organization can implement effective and timely practices that effectively address these issues. Topics range from the scope of behaviors that cause discomfort in the workplace, to why victims don’t report harassment, to the role of leadership in creating a culture of inclusion.

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