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Certificate Program For Strategic HR Leadership ™ Agenda

Seminar: ID# 1279724


This comprehensive two-day seminar and workshop is designed for experienced HR professionals seeking to develop the skills and perspective required to enhance their ability to provide strategic support to maximize organizational results. If you’re ready to transition to a strategic, organization-first approach to human capital management, this training program is designed with your interests in mind.

By attending, you will explore how strategic HR differs from traditional HR, as well as how you can better support your organization by adopting and implementing a more strategic mindset. By learning how to transition from a traditional to strategic HR perspective, the way you (and others) view your role in the organization will evolve, and your organization and its employees will benefit.

What Is Included

The course includes seven information-packed training modules - and 12 Interactive Exercises - covering everything you need to know to excel as you transition from where you are today to a Strategic HR Leader with the ability to significantly impact business results for your overall organization. You receive:
  • Information-packed training covering how you currently view your role in the organization and how you can become more strategic
  • Interactive sessions throughout the course to test your new knowledge
Join us to discover key solutions, best practices, and strategic goal setting and alignment skills that will help you – and the overall HR function – have a positive and significant impact on improving your organization's bottom line.



Components Of Strategic HR
  • Business Goals, Objectives, Strategies, And Tactics
  • Strategic HR Leadership Fundamentals
  • Building Credibility As An HR Leader
  • Traditional HR vs. Strategic HR
  • Positioning HR As Strategic
  • Influence vs. Authority: Cultivating Influence
  • Strategic HR POV - And Barriers To Overcome
Interactive Exercise:
  • Key Characteristics Of Influential People
Key Organizational, Business Environment, And Industry Insights
  • Maximizing Business Acumen
  • The Internal Environment Beyond HR
    • Identify Stakeholder Groups
    • Provide Internal Strategic Support
    • Get to Know Other Key Business Functions
  • The External Business Environment
    • Develop Key Partnerships
    • PEST Factors/VUCA Environment
    • Key HR Trends And Advancements
    • Establishing Industry Expertise
Interactive Exercises:
  • Identifying Key Stakeholder Groups
  • Connecting HR To Other Key Departments
Strategic Planning For HR Leaders
  • What Is Strategic Planning?
  • Purpose Of Strategic Planning
  • Steps In The Strategic Planning Process
  • HR Tactics vs. HR Strategies
  • From HR Tactics To HR Strategies
  • Supporting The Overall Organization
Interactive Exercises:
  • SWOT Analysis For Strategic HR
  • Evaluate An Internal Leadership Development Program
Strategic Leadership: Alignment, Goal Setting, And Implementation
  • Aligning HR with the Strategic Plan
  • Aligning HR Goals With Business Goals
  • Strategically-Aligned HR Goal Setting How-To’s
  • Aligning HR Goals, Objectives, And Tactics
  • Integrating HR With Business Practices And Strategies
  • Making A Business Case For Action
  • How To Build A Business Case: Step-By-Step
Interactive Exercises:
  • Applying HR Policies And Practices To Business Strategy
  • Building A Business Case For A New ATS

Strategy By The Numbers: Data, Metrics, And Analytics
  • Data And Data Analytics Defined
  • Measures, Metrics, And Analytics
  • Making Sense Of HR Measures
  • Why Metrics Matter In HR
  • Key HR Metrics
  • Types Of Analytics
  • Beyond Data To Action
Interactive Exercises:
  • Determining Total Recruiting Expense
  • Key Metrics To Demonstrate HR Impact
Finance Basics For HR Professionals
  • Accrual vs. Cash Accounting Systems
  • Navigating Key Financial Statements
    • Income Statement / P&L
    • Statement Of Cash Flow
    • Balance Statement
  • Redefining HR as an Investment, Not an Expense
  • Demonstrating The True Value Of HR
  • Quantifying And Measuring HR’s Bottom Line Impact
Interactive Exercises:
  • Identify the Correct Financial Statement
  • Taking HR To The Bottom Line
Strategic Communication For HR Leaders
  • The Role of Communication In Strategic HR
    • Communicating With Purpose
    • Building Strategic Relationships
    • Gaining Buy-in, Persuading, And Building Consensus
    • Overcoming Change Resistance
    • Communicating Value And Impact
  • Tips for Communicating Effectively With Senior Leaders And Executives
Interactive Exercise:
  • Framing An Executive Conversation
Program Wrap-Up
  • Importance Of Strategic HR
  • Growing As A Strategic HR Leader
  • Reflection: Keys To Transition From Traditional To Strategic HR


If you have other questions, or need to get your co-workers enrolled, call us at 678-366-3959!

Certificate Program For Strategic HR Leadership ™
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over two successive days from 10:00am to 5:00pm Eastern
12/9/2024 - 12/10/2024 (10am-5pm EST)
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