Complying With OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements - Making Your Program Bulletproof

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About This Course:
OSHA's Hazard Communication rules require employers to examine their programs. With a new direction, OSHA is ramping up its inspection efforts, and every inspection begins with the same thing - documents.

This webinar will discuss the kinds of records OSHA requires U.S. employers to maintain and when the records must be presented to the government, employees, unions, or opposing counsel.

This course will review how OSHA's regulatory agenda may change recordkeeping requirements and information about pending challenges to the rule changes.What You'll Learn:Overview of Recordkeeping Requirements
Illness and Injury Logs
MSDS and Chemical Information
Compliance Audits
  • Typical Scope of Audits
  • Are My Documents Privileged?
  • Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Discipline and Counseling and the Impact of a Unionized Workforce
  • Do I Need to Let the Investigator In?
  • What Documents Should I Be Prepared to Provide?
Records of Safety Meetings
30 Year Storage Requirement for Illness and Injury Records - They're Kidding, Right?
Recordkeeping in the Age of COVID-19
Issues Related to Insurance
Discovery of Records During Litigation and Employee/Union Requests to Review Documents
Compliance Tools and Tips

Complying With OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements - Making Your Program Bulletproof
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