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Conflict Management: How To Coach Employees To Resolve Small Conflicts On Their Own

Webinar: ID# 1037363
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About This Course:
HR professionals often find themselves spending too much time facilitating or smoothing over conflicts between employees and their coworkers or employees and their managers.

While such conflicts sometimes are issues that require HR involvement, often they are just small disagreements or misunderstandings - the types of things that could be much handled much more efficiently and effectively if the team members involved could - and would - work things out on their own, without HR involvement.

Every time you jump in and play peacemaker, however, you're teaching employees that coming to HR for help with these kinds of issues is what they are supposed to do. Your time - and theirs - could be better used if you devote your energy to coaching team members so that they develop the skills they need in order to manage small conflicts on their own. This is a win-win for everyone involved - and it's something that you can accomplish.

This audio training session will address steps HR can take to help employees learn how to - and get in the habit of - managing small conflicts on their own, while also still keeping the door to your office wide open for larger issues that do require HR involvement.What You'll Learn:Instead of jumping in and facilitating minor issues that HR professionals and managers don't need to be involved in, attend this informative audio training session to learn how to use these situations as teaching and coaching opportunities so team members will be empowered to handle such conflicts on their own. Key areas covered include:
  • Key reasons employees may expect HR or management to step in and manage small workplace conflicts for them (You can't solve the problem if you don't know why it happens!)
  • Strategies for teaching effective conflict management skills to employees and managers so they will have the ability to effectively deal with conflict
  • How to coach managers to 'push back' constructively in situations where employees want them to get involved with conflicts that they should handle directly
  • Key coaching skills for helping employees successfully navigate their efforts to deal with small peer or supervisor conflicts so they'll learn how to do so independently
  • Tips to help convince team members that it is in their best interest to sincerely attempt to manage small conflicts first, before escalating such problems up the chain of command or to HR
  • Additional types of training that can help create a climate where employees know how to 'fight their own battles' when minor conflicts arise
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Conflict Management: How To Coach Employees To Resolve Small Conflicts On Their Own
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