464 Conflict Resolution – How To Deal With Difficult People | hr webinar
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Conflict Resolution – How To Deal With Difficult People

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About This Course:
Nobody likes having difficult, even uncomfortable conversations with employees. The easy way out for many managers and HR professionals is to practice avoidance. To hope the problem – whether it involves performance, behavior, attitude issues, personal hygiene, or something else – will just go away.

But the truth is, when difficult conversations don't take place, problems fester, the manager loses credibility -- and your organization suffers serious problems with morale, productivity, and retention.

Now consider how many conversations are NOT taking place in your organization? How much is at stake for your organization if your managers lack the skills to "constructively confront" situations that require intervention?

It doesn't have to be this way. Tools exist that can make these conversations happen sooner, go more smoothly, and produce better outcomes. And the good news is that they're easy to learn and can be deployed immediately.

Learning Objectives

This audio conference will teach you and your managers how to have difficult, even uncomfortable, conversations with employees.

It teaches you and your managers how to identify the root of the problem employee's behavior and decide what to do to correct it.

By attending, you will learn clear, simple, and effective techniques to reduce and eliminate the causes and effects that difficult people have on your work and personal performance, including how to:

  • Identify the difference between chronic behavior and difficult people
  • Learn the two primary sources of conflict
  • Identify the real causes of difficult behavior &why it is so important to resolve it
  • Learn the six choices you always have in dealing with negative and toxic people
  • Learn how to calm down angry and upset people to get the results you need
  • Get quick tips on how to handle a variety of stressed out people - bullies, insulters, know-it-alls, quiet people, negative people, whiners and manipulators

Don't wait! Act now to learn how to deal with difficult employees!

Course Details
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