Contractors And Subcontractors: A Comprehensive Approach To Managing Their Safety

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About This Course:
Recent court decisions make it clear that contractor safety management belongs squarely in the lap of the organization bringing the contractor onto the work site.

So – obviously - mistakes by contractors and subcontractors can hurt your organization, so developing a comprehensive system is critical to your bottom line. But how, exactly, do you ensure that contractors and subcontractors are working safely – or at least minimizing the risk of accidents?

Learning Objectives:

This presentation covers the basics of a safety program for contractors and subcontractors.

In this session you will learn:

  • Managing contractors even before you select them! Tips for contractor vetting, development, and evaluation
  • How to manage the risk to your organization from mistakes made by contractors
  • How to use the framework of continuous improvement management systems (Plan/DO/Check/Act) to create a comprehensive contractor safety program
  • What metrics you can use to separate good contractors from risky ones
  • How to limit the OSHA violations of your contractors
  • How to make sure everyone in your organization gets on board with your program
Contractors And Subcontractors: A Comprehensive Approach To Managing Their Safety
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