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Coping Tools For Managing Multiple Priorities And Projects

Webinar: ID# 1000350
About This Course:
No matter where you work, the work never stops coming and it never will.

Some people even have the unenviable job of working for multiple bosses with their multiple projects and priorities! It's enough to make anyone frustrated - and the more frustrated you get, the more your productivity suffers.

We all need to find a working style for ourselves that allows us to set priorities, manage critical (possible multiple critical) projects, and manage conflicting demands - including those set by others. We also need to develop a style that meshes with our co-workers that fosters effectiveness, cooperation, and creativity.

Isn't 90 minutes a small price to pay to learn new coping tools?

What You'll Learn:

You'll how to handle the situations that cause the most frustration in today's norm of a short-staffed, overworked, multiple-priorities workplace, including:

  • Tips for gaining control (and time) over your tasks and projects
  • How to handle working for multiple "bosses" without going crazy
  • Finding middle ground - working with (or for) people whose organizational style is different from your own
  • How to effectively juggle projects and set priorities when everything is important
  • What to do on days when unexpected situations and emergencies are the norm
  • Tips for managing people who manage projects
  • How to manage your boss by managing upwards
  • How to teach your employees to work effectively with you
  • How to manage and change your own mindset
Course Details
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