Diversity Dynamics

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About This Course:
1 Session - 1-2 Hours of Interactive Training

Diversity is a key element in any successful workplace. But to be successful, a diverse workforce must learn to work together.

This course helps you implement a company-wide diversity training program. At its conclusion, you'll understand how to expose key issues, get your management's buy-in, develop and implement your plan, and more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the key elements that make diversity work for you
  • Gain tangible results as you transform your workplace
  • Review key issues and ideas for effective implementation

Course Syllabus:

Session 1

Section A: Dynamics of Diversity
• Introduction
• What Diversity Is
• Diversity Management

Section B: Transformation Process
• Diversity Visioning
• The Vision Statement
• The Cultural Audit
• Task Force
• Final Tasks

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Diversity Dynamics
Price: $99.00
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