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Document Retention And Destruction: What HR Professionals Must Know

Webinar: ID# 1037055
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About This Course:
The United States labor force is increasingly mobile, and employee workplaces/spaces are increasingly remote. In these circumstances, HR faces challenges in continuing its historic role to coordinate, serve and protect financial, performance and other aspects of an individual's employment.

This webinar provides points to measure your current program to prevailing norms and pitfalls in actual practice. This information also provides next steps to advancing your records program consistent with evolving judicial and regulatory expectations.

In addition to discussion during this topic, if you have questions that you would like the panel to consider and include in the topic, please email them by October 23 to Bob Dibert ( with the phrase, "Lorman webinar question" in the subject line.What You'll Learn:Baselines: What We Assume You Already Have
  • Written Documentation for Retention Policy, Schedule and Processes to Describe Life
  • Cycle Management of HR Records Having Legal or Other Significance
  • Provisions for Updating the HR Retention Policy/Schedule Consistent With Audit
  • Regulatory or Other Business Planning Cycles
Current Legal Issues and Trends in Applying HR Retention Policies and Processes
  • Current Events and Incidents in Employee Privacy/Security Expectations or Entitlements
  • Other Current Events and Incidents in Employment Grievance Claims and Cases
  • Current Incidents and Effects of International Coordination in HR-Related Issues
  • Current Incidents and Effects of Emerging Technologies in HR-Related Issues
An Eye to the Future: Focus on Dynamic Frameworks
Document Retention And Destruction: What HR Professionals Must Know
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