EEOBasics: What Supervisors Need to Know

Online Course: ID# 1000087
About This Course:
This course provides practical advice on employment laws, and can help you hone your issue-spotting skills and show how your actions can cause or prevent lawsuits.

Presented in a whodunit format, you will be presented with complaints, evidence, and information about the federal EEO laws. You decide who will win or lose the case. Feedback about your verdict is provided. By showing supervisors how their actions may impact the outcome of a lawsuit, supervisors will learn to think more before they act. Better supervisors will mean less litigation and a more productive workforce.

Special sections on interviewing, leaves of absence, and discipline and evaluations are included.

EEO Basics provides superior subject matter content in conjunction with excellent instructional design and compelling graphics. The result is a highly engaging and dynamic web-based training program that encourages employees to be mindful of their actions.

This course takes approximately three hours to complete, and includes a "bookmark" feature to help you manage your time.

In addition to the online report of employees who have completed the course that comes standard within HRTrainingCenter, the course can be tied to any learning management system.

EEOBasics: What Supervisors Need to Know
Price: $40.00
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