464 Electronic Cigarettes And “No Hire Smoker” Policies | hr webinar
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Electronic Cigarettes And “No Hire Smoker” Policies

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It is amazing how many HR issues can be created by smoking. The FDA has recently announced that it will be issuing new regulations on electronic cigarettes. What will these regulations mean for you in HR and your workplace? Should you include these e-cigarettes in your no-smoking policy? Are you legally obligated to include e-cigarettes in your no smoking policy? What about if your organization decides that it wants to refuse to hire smokers. Can you do this? Is it legal? What are the policy considerations?

Join us as legal expert, Melissa Fleischer, Esq. provides the answers to these questions and more.What You'll Learn:

Learning Objectives

By attending, you and your team will learn:

• What are electronic cigarettes
• Whether you should prohibit vaping of e-cigarettes in your workplace
• What should “smoking” policy should – and shouldn’t - include
• Are you allowed to refuse to hire smokers
• Should you include smokers of e-cigarettes in your refusal to hire smokers policy
• Must you provide a reasonable accommodation allowing smokers to work at your organization because they are addicted to nicotine

Course Details
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