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Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbook Templates And Samples | How To Write An Employee Handbook

Do You Have An Employee Handbook? Has It Been Updated Recently?

Employee Handbooks - aka Employee Manuals - are essential for employers in today's litigious environment. They are the number one most important tool that an employer can have for ensuring that policies are enforced properly, that personnel matters are handled consistently, all while legally protect itself from future liability.

What Employee Handbooks Should Cover

Make sure your HR Employee Handbook is not a lawsuit waiting to happen! We offer sample HR Employee Handbook training courses that teach you:the encyclopedia of employee handbooks
  • How to protect your company from the top mistakes that employers make in drafting employee handbooks
  • What are the essential policies that your employee handbook or employee manual should contain
  • Which common policies can be illegal
  • What are the five key disclaimers and qualifiers every handbook must contain
  • What are the 11 essential points that must be addressed in your harassment/discrimination policy
  • How to avoid using language that can give rise to claims of breach of implied contract
  • How to have a well drafted anti-harassment policy that will protect you from future liability
  • Why terms like 'probationary period' and 'introductory period' can be problematic
  • How your employee's lawyer can use your employee manual or employee handbook against you
  • What are the most frequently missing, incorrect, or incomplete topics in employee handbooks

Options For Your Employee Handbook

Option 1: Have An Expert Write Your Employee Handbook For You

Not sure your Employee Handbook is up to date? Don't have the time or expertise to write or update it yourself? Simply have one of our experts write or update it for you. You'll get a great Employee Handbook that is professionally written and will help keep you in compliance.

For questions or details on this service, go to

Option 2: Do It Yourself With Our Employee Handbook Training Courses

HR Training Center offers several Employee Handbook training courses and Employee Handbook templates that will help you to quickly, correctly, and cost-effectively create an Employee Handbook for your organization.

Find Employee Handbook Templates And Training Courses

Listed below are some of our most-popular Employee Handbook templates and training products. Either select one of the recommended courses or select "Job Descriptions/Employee Handbooks" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.

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