Employment Law Fundamentals For Managers: 10 Ways To Stay Out Of Court

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Help To Legally Protect Your Business: Train Your Supervisors!

Do your supervisors know which job interview questions are illegal? Do they know how to respond to employees' requests for leave? Or which words in performance reviews are almost guaranteed to trigger legal disputes? Do they know how to handle reasonable accommodation requests for both disability and religion? Your managers' lack of basic employment law knowledge is putting your organization (and your HR reputation) at a major risk.

In this 75-minute interactive online training session, you and your supervisors will learn how to:
  • Make smart (and legal) day-to-day decisions
    From hiring to discipline to giving feedback, managers face employment law risks every day

  • Comply with the 10 most important employment laws
    Courts expect supervisors to understand and follow the FLSA, ADA, FMLA, and more

  • Avoid personal liability that hits their wallets
    It's not just a corporate issue ... certain mistakes can cost managers their personal nest eggs
Gather your management team for this comprehensive training on how to manage employees in the most legally safe way. The newly updated Employment Law Fundamentals webinar is the perfect way to help supervisors understand that their actions can inadvertently support lawsuits against your organization-and possibly against supervisors (or you) personally.

Bonus: If your organization does get sued, the court will ask if you've ever trained managers on their legal responsibilities. This simple 75-minute training is a good-faith defense that your HR department has done its part.

Agenda for Employment Law Fundamentals for Managers:
  • Legally safe decision making. Arm your managers with the knowledge to make sound, legal decisions at every turn

  • The 10 "must understand" laws. We'll review the top 10 employment laws (in plain English!) and how managers can do their part to stay in compliance

  • Timely new requirements, from social media to hairstyle discrimination, and diversity to ongoing COVID and safety rules that every manager must follow

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding. Make absolutely sure employees are getting the accommodations and breaks they are entitled to or your organization may become the first test case

  • Hiring and firing. Learn the legal way to conduct these litigation trigger

  • Performance reviews and communications. From casual conversations to reviewing documentation, learn what to say and what to NEVER say

  • Personal liability. Yes, managers can get sued personally. Find out how to avoid this worst-case scenario

  • Manage difficult situations. From accommodation requests to long-term leave, learn how managers should react to these legal curveballs

  • Handling "invisible" workers. Remote employees carry a whole new set of legal risks that managers need to understand
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Employment Law Fundamentals For Managers: 10 Ways To Stay Out Of Court
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