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Employment Taxes for Human Resource Professionals - What Lurks Beneath?

Webinar: ID# 1038788
Live on 12/3/2020 from 10:00 EST till 12:00 EST
About This Course:
So many dollars travel through payrolls, yet little if any thought goes into structure, implementation, and documentation of payroll tax approaches.

This course identifies potential payroll tax problems - and savings opportunities - and enlightens you with what to do next.

Agenda / Covered Topics
  • Learn to identify how to responsibly reduce employment tax and related costs where possible
  • Potential issues with employee wage withholding
  • Outside payroll providers - The good, the bad, the ugly, and the brutal
  • How to avoid personal liability for the company's failure to collect, account for, and pay employment taxes
  • Handling Social security (FICA) taxes
  • Interactions with IRS - Most definite dos and don'ts
  • Data exposure, data loss and, tax fraud
  • Eligibility for Employment, Immigration, and Form I-9
  • Backup Withholding and Form W-9 - Why (and how) no one can ignore it
  • Change of Responsible Person (Form 8822-B)
  • How Workers' Comp insurance should get your attention in a huge way
  • Contractor or employee - When it walks the walk (and when to run away)
  • Learn to identify potential employment tax problem issues
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Employment Taxes for Human Resource Professionals - What Lurks Beneath?
Live on 12/3/2020 from 10:00 EST till 12:00 EST
Course Details
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