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Excel Training For HR Professionals

Webinar: ID# 1005051
About This Course:
This webinar is specifically designed to help HR professionals to better use Excel.

HR professionals frequently supervise, manage, analyze, report, and review many types of HR data, and this data is often comprised of thousands of records and many data fields. The webinar essentially helps you do so more effectively.

In it, we'll use two examples: First, a 55-employee database, and second, a 100,000 employee database.

You'll get precise instructions and a crystal-clear on-screen demonstration of how to use this data for Excel Tables, Pivot Tables, Charts, and Dashboards.

At the conclusion of this webinar you will know how to easily do this work yourself.

Using Special HR Examples, You Will Learn the Following Excel Topics:

  • Conditional Formatting with Tables and Pivot Tables
  • Data Ranges v. Tables; Dynamic Data; Table Filters
  • Using Charts, Tables and Filters Together
  • Rapid, Instant Analysis: Table Criteria Range vs. Database Functions
  • Pivot Table Basics
  • Pivot Table Charts and Slicers
  • HR Excel Dashboards: (1) Small Database; (2) Huge Database
Using Excel Tools and Applications You Will be Able To Do the Following and More:
  • Find years of service of employees; instantly highlight senior employees.
  • Highlight above and below average earnings automatically.
  • Group employees by age, salary, length of service and more.
  • Highlight employees earning over $100,000 per year instantly.
  • Find duplicates in a list of over 100,000 records.
  • Extrapolate the top five percent of earners (or top 50 earners) from a data base of over 100,000 employees.
  • Find the total or average salary in different divisions and different job titles..
  • Total the number of employees in the company and in different departments.
  • Find number of employees joined in particular year in any department or job classification for the entire company.
  • Instantly count number of employee titles in each department of the company.
  • View summarized salary for all the different departments.
  • Find total number of employees working in specific department from specific dates.
  • Display the above information and more - data visualization made easy
  • Develop Excel Pivot Tables, Charts and Slicers for the Above HR Items
  • Develop interactive Excel dashboards for the above info and more
  • Understand how MS Power BI can simplify large database reporting

Special Bonus:

Learn how to determine algorithms allowing you to instantly create accurate email addresses for thousands of employees at the same organization and database (5 minute lesson).
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