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Excellence In Supervision

Online Course: ID# 1003627
About This Course:
The Excellence in Supervision course from LearnKey gives new supervisors the tools and experiences to start on the right track and provides existing supervisors with practical and proven strategies for success. Discover the critical success factors supervisors need to create a positive, powerful, motivating environment for employees.

With Excellence in Supervision, you can quickly learn and immediately apply the people skills needed to succeed.

  • Communicate in ways that will motivate others.
  • Use effective coaching techniques and watch productivity climb.
  • Get people to take ownership of their jobs.
Session 1
  • Section A: Getting Started
    • Self-Assessment
    • Objectives
    • Introduction
    • Supervisory Power
    • Case Study
    • Assessment
  • Section B: Managing Performance
    • Setting Expectations
    • Giving Feedback
    • Handling Problems
    • Staying Flexible
    • Assessment
  • Section C: Communicating Proactively
    • Delegating Tasks and Time
    • Effective Meetings
    • Talking to Your Boss
    • Case Study
    • Assessment
  • Section D: Coaching for Excellence
    • The Good Coach
    • The Coaching Process
    • Assessment
  • Section E: Dealing with Change
    • A Modern Skill
    • Positive Change Mgmt.
    • Case Study
    • Conclusion
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Excellence In Supervision
Price: $145.00
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