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Executive Leadership Series

Online Course: ID# 1003664
About This Course:
This groundbreaking series will take your organization from ordinary to revolutionary.

The entire concept of leadership is changing. In this series from LearnKey, Joel Barker explores old ideas and stagnant patterns, transforming your outlook to move beyond the natural resistance to change and create successful new opportunities.

This course is for anyone who wants to increase innovation, create a paradigm shift and generate greater wealth. Includes Leadershift, Tactics of Innovation, The New Business of Paradigms and Wealth, Innovation and Diversity.

  • Generate greater wealth through innovation.
  • Develop the power to identify and act upon change.
  • Successfully lead your organization into the future.
  • Section A: Leadershift
    • Introduction
    • Definition of a Leader
  • Section B: Lesson 1
    • Focus on the Future
  • Section C: Lesson 2
    • The Nature of Fundamental Change
  • Section D: Lesson 3
    • Appreciate Complex Systems
  • Section E: Lesson 4
    • Leadership Style Affects Productivity
  • Section F: Lesson 5
    • Creating a Shared Vision
  • Section G: Conclusion
    • Review
Tactics of Innovation
  • Section A: Tactics of Innovation
    • Introduction
  • Section B: Tactic 1
    • Upside Yes/Downside No
  • Section C: Tactic 2
    • Seemingly Simple/Small Steps
  • Section D: Tactic 3
    • Clear Message/Compatible Fit
  • Section E: Tactic 4
    • Credible Messenger/Reliable Performance
  • Section F: Tactic 5
    • Easy In/Easy Out
  • Section G:Conclusion
    • Tactic Review
    • Four Final Points

The New Business of Paradigms
  • Section A: What Are Paradigms?
    • Introduction
    • Paradigm Definition
    • Paradigm Example
  • Section B: Paradigms in the Real World
    • Product Paradigms
    • Scientific Paradigms
    • Business Model Paradigms
  • Section C: Paradigm Shifts
    • Back to Zero
  • Section D: Key Concepts and Observations
    • Paradigms are Common
    • Paradigms are Useful
    • Paradigm Paralysis
    • Paradigm Pioneers
    • Courage of Early Adopters
    • Paradigm Change
    • Final Thoughts
Wealth, Innovation and Diversity
  • Section A: Putting Differences to Work
    • Introduction
    • Irish Potato Cultivation
    • Inca Potato Cultivation
    • Two Choices
    • Fear of Differences
  • Section B: Stages of Growth
    • Stage One – Accretion
    • Stage Two – Replication
    • Advantages of Replication
    • Risks of Replication
    • Principles of Biodiversity
    • Stage Three – Mutualism
    • How Mutualism Works
    • Mutualism Creates Wealth
  • Section C: Ongoing Innovation
    • Paradigm Shifting Innovations
    • Outsiders Shift Paradigms
    • Summary of Diversity
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Executive Leadership Series
Price: $355.00
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