Fire at Will

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About This Course:
Make your company "sue-proof."

Our top-selling guide, Fire at Will, helps bosses reassert their right to fire incompetent employees-at will. Jam-packed with 60 pages of valuable advice, it shows simple techniques that will give you a concrete legal position in almost any situation.

Table of Contents


1. Your Ultimate Right (and Most Powerful Weapon)

  • Your Right to Fire
  • Types of Documentation
  • At-Will Employment
  • Making Your Company 'Sue-Proof'

2. How to Fire a Worker Without Fear of Being Sued

  • Wrongful-Discharge Suits on the Rise
  • Avoiding Implied Contracts
  • Arbitration Agreements

3. What You Don't Have to Tolerate From Unions

  • National Labor Relations Act
  • Unions Today: A Profile
  • More Information About Unions
  • Your Rights in a Union-Organizing Campaign
  • NLRB Flip-Flops on Weingarten Rights
  • Why an Employee Should Not Want a Union
  • Your Rights in a Union Situation

4. Your Right to Test Employees for Drugs

  • Your Best Defense: Prevention
  • Develop a Drug Abuse Policy
  • Setting Up a Drug Testing Program
  • Tread Cautiously

5. How to Combat and Cure Chronic Absenteeism

  • Proactive Steps
  • Use Positive Discipline
  • Supervisors' Guide to Cutting Absenteeism
  • How to Assess the Impact of Absenteeism

6. You Don't Always Have to OK Family Leave

  • The FMLA's Impact
  • Who's Covered?
  • Employer Rights Under the FMLA
  • Leave Time
  • After FMLA Leave
  • Checking for Abuse

7. Don't Discriminate Against Pregnant Workers

  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • On the Job/Hiring Rules
  • Health and Disability Insurance
  • Abortion Policies

8. How to Derail Discrimination Charges

  • The Long Arm of Title VII
  • Sex Discrimination
  • Equal Pay Act
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Age Discrimination
  • Your Ultimate Right Still Survives
  • How to Avoid Getting Sued

9. How to Stop Employee Crime Dead in Its Tracks

  • Don't Be Naive
  • Inventory Your Vulnerabilities
  • Is Honesty Company Policy?
  • Establish Enforceable Controls
  • If You Suspect an Employee of Stealing ...

10. Dealing With Workplace Violence

  • What's Your Responsibility?
  • Beware of Violating the ADA
  • Screen Applicants
  • Dealing With Violent Employees
  • Set Up an Action Plan
  • If You Fire the Person ...

11. Dealing With the Rights of the Disabled

  • ADA Compliance
  • Defining 'Disability'
  • Making Reasonable Accommodations
  • The Defense of Undue Hardship
  • Essential Functions
  • Workplace Accommodations
  • Penalties for Violations

12. When You Must Give Advance Notice of a Job Loss

  • The WARN Act
  • Who's Covered?
  • 60 Days' Notice Required
  • When Is Notice Necessary?
  • Exceptions: Unexpected Events
  • If Notice Isn't Given ...
Fire at Will
Price: $39.95
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