Flexible Work Environments: New Considerations In An Evolving Workplace

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About This Course:
The pandemic has prompted a demand among present workers and job applicants for more flexibility in their work environments. Not all employers are prepared to meet that demand, expecting workers to go right back to central office locations as though no pandemic changed fundamental work expectations among workers and job applicants.

This presentation will help employers and employees alike rethink how work can be productively done and how to establish flexible work environments that are appealing to workers and productive for employers.What You'll Learn:Why Is There Need to Design More Flexible Work Environments?
  • What Is a Flexible Work Environment, and Why Is It Important?
  • Why Does the Need Exist for Flexibility, and What Exactly Does That Mean?
  • Facts and Figures About Working Remotely and Hybrid Work
What Should Employers Do to Design More Flexible Work Environments?
  • Getting Buy-In From Senior Leaders for Flexibility
  • Calibrating the Degree of Flexibility That Works for the Organization and Its Leaders
  • How Employers Can Plan for Flexibility in HR Policy
  • How Employers Need to Train Managers and Workers About Flexibility
  • Using Flexible Work Environments Can Be Used in Recruiting, Selecting, Managing, and Retaining Workers
  • Creating a Strategy for Rollout and Implementation of a Flexible Workplace
  • Developing Effective Communication Strategy for the Change Effort
What Should Employees Do to Design More Flexible Work Environments for Themselves?
  • How Workers Buy In to More Flexibility
  • How Workers Can Plan for Flexibility
  • How Workers Can Set Up Alternative Work Settings Outside the Office to Get Work Done
  • Identifying and Overcoming Challenges at Home
How Can Flexibility Can Be Negotiated?
  • Planning for Flexibility
  • Managing Performance for Flexibility
  • Leveraging Technology to Advantage to Achieve Flexibility
  • Creating Metrics for Flexibility
Flexible Work Environments: New Considerations In An Evolving Workplace
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