Fundamentals Of Wage And Hour Compliance

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About This Course:
Learn Everything you need to know about Wage & Hour Compliance

Concerned about overtime, off-the-clock, or minimum wage violations? Need an introduction or re-introduction to one of the oldest and most widely applicable federal workplace laws?

From minimum wage to misclassification, violations of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) can result in costly audits, investigations, and lawsuits. Human resources professionals and employment counsel can help avoid these risks by understanding the FLSA’s basic requirements and how they apply in today’s workplace.

Taught by practicing labor and employment attorneys on CWC’s expert faculty, our Fundamentals of Wage and Hour Compliance course provides an overview of the FLSA and offers practical tips for avoiding the most common wage-and-hour pitfalls that pose the greatest risks to employers.What You'll Learn:
  • Identify federal minimum wage requirements
  • Define breaks, meals, and compensable time
  • Determine off-the-clock risks and requirements
  • Classify employees as overtime exempt
  • Describe the difference between independent contractors and employees
  • Consider joint employment determinations
  • Properly calculate overtime pay
  • Comply with FLSA recordkeeping requirements

Fundamentals Of Wage And Hour Compliance
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