Health Care Cost Sharing: Spousal Coverage Options

Webinar: ID# 1040321
Live on 2/10/2022 from 1:00pm till 2:05pm EST or via On-Demand
About This Course:
Many employers are facing significant health plan cost increases again this year, even after taking cost-management initiatives into account. Some are changing their approach to spousal coverage in an effort to manage costs.

This webinar will discuss health plan spousal surcharges and spousal carve-outs and the differences between them.

The material will review the pros and cons of each approach, address potential legal issues, and identify the health plan features, cost-sharing structures, and population demographics of plans that realize cost savings with a spousal surcharge or carve-out.

Proper implementation of any benefit change is key to its success. This information is critical for employers considering changes to spousal coverage so they can determine whether their organization may benefit from a spousal surcharge or carve out and prepare for successful implementation of any changes.What You'll Learn:What Is a Spousal Carve-Out and a Spousal Surcharge, and How Do They Differ?
  • Spousal Carve-Out Definition
  • Spousal Surcharge Definition
  • Key Differences Between Them
  • Variations
Pros and Cons of Each Approach
  • Pros of a Spousal Carve-Out
  • Pros of a Spousal Surcharge
  • Cons of a Spousal Carve-Out
  • Cons of a Spousal Surcharge
Legal Issues
  • State and Federal Discrimination Laws
  • Affordable Care Act
How to Determine If Your Organization Will Benefit?
  • Health Plan Design Factors
  • Population Demographics
  • Plan Design
  • Communication
Health Care Cost Sharing: Spousal Coverage Options
Live on 2/10/2022 from 1:00pm till 2:05pm EST or via On-Demand
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