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Hire at Will

Resource Material: ID# 1000088
Price: $39.95
About This Course:

Hire workers legally, effectively, inexpensively.

Not long ago, employers never needed to question their ability to hire whomever they wanted. No more.

Today every boss must cut through a thicket of laws and regulations before he dares to hire.

Our top-selling book, Hire at Will, will guide and advise you on what you can do legally to hire the people you want without fear of being sued.

Table of Contents

  • Job descriptions

  • Advertising positions

  • Recruiting and screening practices

  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act

  • The job application

  • Social media and the hiring process

  • Job interviews

  • Employment testing

  • Reference and background checks

  • 'Protected' candidates

  • Hiring foreign workers and ensuring I-9 compliance

  • Disabled applicants

  • Negligent hiring

  • Employment contracts

Hire at Will
Price: $39.95
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