Hire at Will

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Hire workers legally, effectively, inexpensively.

Not long ago, employers never needed to question their ability to hire whomever they wanted. No more.

Today every boss must cut through a thicket of laws and regulations before he dares to hire.

Our top-selling book, Hire at Will, will guide and advise you on what you can do legally to hire the people you want without fear of being sued.

Table of Contents


1. What You Should Know Before You Hire

  • Keep Ads Bias-Free
  • Major Employment Laws
  • Make Job Descriptions 'Sue-Proof'
  • Ways to Lower Your Hiring Costs
  • Advertising a Position
  • Other Recruitment Techniques
  • Setting Salaries for New Hires

2. The Application Form: Make It Sweat Out the Truth

  • What You Can't Do
  • Protect Your Rights
  • English-Only Policies
  • Affirmative Action
  • Watch Out for Résumé Fraud

3. Make the Most of Interviews

  • The Legal Way
  • Smart Questions to Ask
  • Dumb (and Dangerous) Questions
  • Screening Foreign-Born Applicants
  • Put a Computer in Your Chair

4. Make Testing Work for You

  • Check Legal Constraints
  • Achievement Tests
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Physical Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Polygraph Tests
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Tests
  • Before You Test ...

5. Legal Ways to Check Out Applicants

  • Run Background Checks
  • Gaining Cooperation From References
  • Top Reference-Checking Questions
  • Beyond References

6. Negligent Hiring: Bounce Out of the Trap

  • A Vast, Gray Area
  • 'Reasonable' Scrutiny
  • A Balanced Approach

7. Make the ADA Work for You

  • Who Is Disabled?
  • Interviewing Disabled Applicants
  • Who's Covered
  • Provide Physical Access
  • Define Essential Functions
  • Reasonable Accommodation
  • Undue Hardship?
  • Tax Incentives
  • 'Take Every Request Seriously'

8. Legal Roadblocks in the Promotion Process

  • Promoting Without Discrimination
  • Impact of FMLA, Pregnancy Leave
  • Reverse Discrimination

9. Save Big With Independent Contractors

  • Be Prepared for Scrutiny
  • IRS' Test Revised
  • The IRS' 20-Factor Test
  • Section 530 Relief
  • An Ounce of Prevention
  • Freelancers Win Microsoft Benefits

10. Exit Interviews: Do's and Don'ts

  • Welcome the Feedback
  • Risky With Fired Employees
  • Timing Counts
  • Who Should Conduct the Interview?
  • Uncover the Truth
  • What to Ask
  • Documentation: Do's and Don'ts
  • Using Exit Interview Forms
  • Sample Exit Interview Form

Appendix I: Federal Employment Laws

Appendix II: Further Information

Hire at Will
Price: $39.95
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