Hire at Will/Fire at Will Combo

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About This Course:
Hire and fire with the law on your side.

Time was, bosses could hire or fire as they pleased. That was their job. Now a manager can't even fire a hopelessly incompetent worker without worrying about being sued. That's why Business Management Daily has mounted a campaign to show business owners and managers how to reassert their rights to hire and fire.

With these two special reports, Fire at Will and Hire at Will, you and your staff will be able to tell lazy, ineffective workers to shape up or ship out-without winding up in court. So order this money-saving combo package for yourself and your management team today.

Fire at Will
Table of Contents:

1. Your Ultimate Right (and Most Powerful Weapon)
2. How to Fire a Worker Without Fear of Being Sued
3. What You Don't Have to Tolerate From Unions
4. Your Right to Test Employees for Drugs
5. How to Combat and Cure Chronic Absenteeism
6. You Don't Always Have to OK Family Leave
7. Don't Discriminate Against Pregnant Workers
8. How to Derail Discrimination Charges
9. How to Stop Employee Crime Dead in Its Tracks
10. Dealing With Workplace Violence
11. Dealing With the Rights of the Disabled
12. When You Must Give Advance Notice of a Job Loss

Hire at Will
Table of Contents:

1. What You Should Know Before You Hire
2. The Application Form: Make It Sweat Out the Truth
3. Make the Most of Interviews
4. Make Testing Work for You
5. Legal Ways to Check Out Applicants
6. Negligent Hiring: Bounce Out of the Trap
7. Make the ADA Work for You
8. Legal Roadblocks in the Promotion Process
9. Save Big With Independent Contractors
10. Exit Interviews: Do's and Don'ts
Appendix I: Federal Employment Laws
Appendix II: Further Information

Hire at Will/Fire at Will Combo
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