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Hiring Missteps: What You Need to Know - And Avoid

Webinar: ID# 1009342
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About This Course:
This interactive training session is designed to teach your new managers and supervisors how to hire.

For your new managers and supervisors, the next time they hire someone may be the first time they've hired anyone, so the concern is that they may not have been trained on how to hire; that is, they have not been trained on the legal aspects of what to say - or not say - what questions can and can't be asked, etc.

So...this training session will provide your managers and supervisors with the information they need to interview correctly - and avoid making promises, misstatements, or more that can lead to problems down the road. It also will help ensure that your interview and hiring processes are fully compliant with current employment laws.

Learning Objectives

This webinar will provide your managers and supervisors with the essentials they need to avoid hiring pitfalls that most employers make. It includes:

  • An overview of the employment discrimination laws and how they can impact the hiring process
  • Protected classes under federal and state laws
  • What you can and cannot ask during an interview
  • Tips to avoid asking improper questions
  • Questions that can trip you up during an interview
  • Lawful ways to obtain information
  • Overview of employment-at-will
  • Methods to prevent claims of implied contract
  • Tips to ensure compliance with all employment laws
Hiring Missteps: What You Need to Know - And Avoid
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