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HMDA Compliance Updates

Webinar: ID# 1041699
Recorded On-Demand
About This Course:
The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) requires covered financial institutions and other mortgage lenders to collect and report detailed information about loan applications that can be used by regulators to identify potential discriminatory lending patterns or community under service.Reporting accurate data under these rules is a key responsibility of regulated mortgage lenders.

Further, these lenders must analyze and understand their HMDA data to identify potential patterns of disparate treatment or disparate impact and address any such problems before regulators raise them in an examination or an investigation.

This presentation will assist persons responsible for reporting under HMDA to understand the basics of the HMDA reporting requirements, as well as some key areas of concern or difficulty.

The presentation will also explain how HMDA data is used by regulators, including a discussion of some key enforcement actions related to HMDA data in recent years.

Finally, it will provide some practical tips and best practices for financial institutions to follow to ensure that their data is reported correctly and any potential patterns of disadvantage to protected class borrowers are understood and addressed prior to an examination.What You'll Learn:HMDA Overview
  • Refresher on Reporting Requirements
  • Expanded Data Set and Coverage Thresholds
  • Reporting
Why HMDA Reporting Matters
  • Use by Regulators for Fair Lending Monitoring
  • Driver of Investigations and Enforcement Actions
  • Also Subject to Compliance Examinations
HMDA and Enforcement
  • HMDA Compliance: Washington Federal Consent Order
  • Fair Lending/Redlining: Trustmark/Cadence Bank
  • Prudential Regulators: CRA Examinations
Managing HMDA Data: Data Integrity
  • Accurate Reporting (Technology, Manual, Combinations)
  • Quality Control and LAR Scrubs
  • Mining Data for Fair Lending Risk
HMDA Compliance Updates
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