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How To Become A Great Communicator Agenda

Seminar: ID# 1003951

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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Making a Positive Impression on Others
  • How to incorporate vital interpersonal skills into your professional style
  • Be in control of how people respond to you — inspire positive responses
  • Become aware of the 15 essential “people skills” and discover your hidden strengths and weaknesses
Understanding Interactions: Tailoring Your Approach to Individuals
  • The “unwritten” behavioral rules in your workplace: how to determine what’s acceptable and what’s not within your organization
  • How to fit in with any group of people — no matter how little you may have in common
  • Personal and confidential: what to do if others expect you to keep something quiet or cover up for them at work
  • Strategies for dealing with people and situations you cannot change
Ensuring an Unforgettable First Impression
  • The art of small talk: tips for conversing easily in unfamiliar settings or with new acquaintances
  • The way to meaningful conversation by listening instead of talking and how master conversationalists use this fantastic technique
  • How to start off on the right foot every time, within just 4 minutes of meeting someone
  • The subtle moves that draw people in: eye contact, gestures and physical “aura”
  • How to shake hands flawlessly using techniques that boost your professional image
  • Name power: step-by-step methods to remember and use people’s names, and guarantee that others will remember yours
Dealing with Difficult Behaviors and Negative Situations
  • How to know whether to agree, disagree or remain neutral when facing complaints
  • Precise parameters for handling complainers diplomatically
  • 7 approaches to avoid at all costs when faced with complaints
  • When you're wrong: how to admit mistakes and errors without losing respect or reputation
  • The secret to saying "no," when to provide reasons and how to preserve good relations
  • Criticism or insult: how to respond, hold on to your self-esteem and keep the peace
  • Specific tips for dealing with the most difficult office behaviors
Communicating: A 2-Way Street
  • Communication cues: how to recognize implicit verbal cues and nonverbal signals
  • Ways to use the principles of body language to multiply your communication effectiveness
  • How to direct the flow of communication
  • Practical strategies for sending and receiving crystal-clear communication
  • How to maximize feedback between you, your employees, peers and managers
  • The power of silence: how to communicate while saying nothing
How To Become A Great Communicator
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