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How To Get Things Done

Online Course: ID# 1003631
About This Course:
Do you wish you could be more focused on your goals, not distracted by the thousands of interruptions that compete for your time and attention?

This dynamic training course can literally add hours to your day with smart tips and stress-erasing strategies. Learn to identify the trouble spots that keep you from achieving your goals.

Expert Greg Kirsch will show you how to juggle many projects successfully and meet every deadline. He explains methods that give you confidence in completing projects and follow through on all your promises.

  • Maximize your efforts to reach your goals.
  • Complete projects and daily demands with less stress.
  • Learn the steps to getting things done!
Session 1
  • Section A: Using Time Wisely
    • Introduction
    • Using Time Wisely
    • Get Organized
    • External Distractions
    • Meetings
    • Phone Calls
    • Visitors
  • Section B: Get Organized
    • Evaluate
    • Your Supplies
    • Your Desktop
    • Your Phone Directory
    • Your Calendar
    • Your Space
    • Your Equipment
    • TAF
  • Section C: Get Organized (cont.)
    • Working With Others
    • Workplace Conflicts
    • Resolve Conflicts
  • Section D: Getting More Done
    • Evaluate Requests
    • Delegating
    • Control Distractions
    • Running Out of Time?
    • Crisis Management
    • STRESS
    • Procrastination
    • Perfectionism
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How To Get Things Done
Price: $145.00
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