How to Supervise Bad Attitudes and Negative Behaviors

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Bad Attitudes: What They Are, And How They Evolve:The Hallmarks And Causes Of Bad Attitudes And Unacceptable Employee Behavior
  • Setting the bar: how to easily recognize a discrepancy between performance expectations and actual behavior
  • Rare or repeating? How to know if a problem is a one-time occurrence, or a chronic, disruptive behavior that demands your prompt attention!
  • Backtracking from symptoms to causes: environmental factors that can lead to serious problems
  • Trouble brewing? How astute managers spot performance and behavior problems at the start
  • Are you part of the problem? Insightful self-analysis that gives you an unbiased view of your own role
  • How to pinpoint a difficult employee's effect on co-workers and the organization … and choose the appropriate course of action
Taking Effective, Decisive Action:
How to manage conflict and counsel problem employees for improved performance
  • Eliminating the obvious: how to ensure a skill deficiency or lack of resources isn't the source of trouble
  • The team-play technique: a way to involve problem employees in forging a solution and guarantee they buy into the plan
  • You set the pace: modeling a behavior standard that employees respect and imitate
  • Communicating despite conflict: smart ways to overcome anger, hostility, and other emotions that can arise during counseling
  • Personality conflict? How to deal with this often misunderstood problem, and forge a truce in the most bitter relationships
  • Coach or counsel? The difference between these two vital techniques, and when to use each
Using Firm, Assertive Tactics:
How to discipline to correct performance problems
  • Positive Intervention: how savvy managers use this technique to correct even complex performance issues
  • Step-by-step discipline: a formal, progressive process every manager should know, practice, and document … every single time
  • Can you handle it alone? 3 situations that always require outside intervention
  • Bad attitude … or simply strongly opinionated? How to know when someone crosses the line
  • Cover yourself! Specific documentation that legally protects you if your actions are questioned later
  • An airtight warning: essential elements every warning (verbal or written) should contain
Taking the Last Resort:
How to safely terminate problem employees when all else fails
  • When to keep trying, and when to give up: how to know when you've passed the point of no return
  • Before blaming and finger-pointing: forcing employees to accept responsibility for the actions that trigger formal termination processes
  • When immediate termination is warranted, and how to handle these explosive cases
  • Softening the blow: how to terminate problem employees without sapping their dignity and self-respect
  • A tough task: how to keep emotions in check and maintain your focus and professionalism when you must terminate
  • Don't say this! Verbal termination mistakes that can land you in a lawyer's office
Recovery and Rebuilding Strategies:
Forging ahead after change, upheaval, and problem-solving
  • Managing the "survivors": how to prevent a termination from hurting the attitude and morale of co-workers
  • How to strengthen the self-respect and increase the value of your good performers … and avoid common traps that can harm their performance
  • The Open Communication model: how you can encourage higher morale and productivity with this tested and proven approach
How to Supervise Bad Attitudes and Negative Behaviors
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