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HR Metrics, Benchmarking, And Goal-Setting

HR Metrics, Benchmarking, Goal-Setting, And Planning Skills

As an HR professional, you know that working with people and having to comply with numerous rules and regulations can be both complex and time-consuming. But to advance your career, you'll also need to be proficient - or at least knowledgable - in dealing with HR metrics, benchmarking, goal-setting, and planning.

Specifically, you'll find that as your career advances, you'll come to understand that the purposes of an organization's HR Department are to add value, make the organization more competitive, help the organization achieve its business objectives, and reduce risks.

The purposes of Human Resource metrics, benchmarking, goal-setting, and planning are to help the organization measure and communicate the value added, demonstrate the contribution of human capital, and measure and manage employment related risks.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • The role of metrics in measuring and communicating value
  • The different types of industry benchmarks, including the differences between process-based and-data based benchmarking
  • How HR metrics improve strategic and operational decision making
  • How to identify and assess the strategic and operational impact of HR metrics
  • Tips, tricks and secrets the pros use for effective goal setting
  • The 10 elements of effective, achievable goals
  • How to work with goals that seem too big, too unwieldy or too complex
  • Set priorities while remaining flexible and adaptable when change occurs
  • The most useful compensation metrics for managing your organization's compensation plan
  • How to accurately calculate salary range penetration
  • The relationship between salary range penetration and compa ratio
  • How to determine best-in-class practices
  • Best data collection methods
  • How to determine what processes to measure and when
  • What are silo's and how they hurt your business
  • The importance of customers on your benchmarking program
  • Step-by-step process on how to start a benchmarking program for your department
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HR Training Center provides several training courses for helping you to understand - and master - HR metrics, benchmarking, goal-setting, and planning for your organization. Simply select one of the recommended courses below, or click "Metrics / Benchmarking" and your state from the search box below.

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HR Metrics, Benchmarking, And Goal-Setting
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