How To Handle An HR Workplace Investigation

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FMLA. Workplace Harassment. MeToo. ADA. Retaliation. Due to an assortment of complex laws and societal changes, today's HR Department has to deal with issues that involve more workplace investigations than ever. Consider just a few of the types of investigations that HR now handles:
  • Claims of workplace harassment investigations
  • Employee grievance investigations
  • Employee misconduct investigations
  • Employee theft investigations
  • Workplace accident investigations
  • Workplace investigations of employee rights under FMLA, ADA, EEO, and other laws
  • Conversely, FMLA or ADA abuse investigations
  • Employee background investigations
So...considering the quantity and multiple types of workplace investigations, are you and your staff trained to properly handle a workplace investigation? Specifically, does your HR Department have a consistent HR investigations process that addresses workplace investigations of employee rights with regard to FMLA, ADA, EEO, and other laws, especially if you suspect abuse of FMLA leave? Does your team know how to accurately - and legally - ask workplace investigations questions?

Where To Get Workplace Investigations Training On How To Conduct Workplace Investigations

With regard to how to conduct workplace investigations, the HR investigations process starts with identifying the issue, determining whether it warrants a workplace investigation or should be pushed back to management to handle, then utilizing a consistent process to actually do an HR workplace investigation when warranted.

Regarding the complete workplace investigations process and where to get workplace investigations training, we highly recommend the "Certificate Program in Internal Investigations Seminar". This intensive course teaches the ins and outs on how to properly handle the HR investigations process.

You receive special attention to handling employee grievance intestigations into things like harassment and retaliation, employee theft investigations, how to collect evidence, interview witnesses, and more.

And best yet, you receive a Workplace Investigations Certificate that can be used to show your prowess in conducting workplace investigations - and improve your resume!

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Below are several of our best-selling and most-popular courses on how to conduct workplace investigations.
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