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HR Generalist Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peeks: Interactive Exercises:

Below is a sampling of just some of the interactive exercises you'll work on for your Certificate Program For HR Generalists course.

Sneak Peek 1:

Eric Sanchez is frustrated, yet again, that his supervisor, Dave Roth, has failed to give him his performance review on time. This is the third year in a row that Eric has had to wait to get his annual review and subsequent wage increase. When Eric asked Dave about it, he said, "Eric, I know I owe you your review...I've been so busy with these two projects I'm working on that I just haven't had the time. I promise you, I will get it done by the end of next week."

The end of next week goes by and it is now into the early part of the following week. Eric approaches Dave and says, "Hey, Dave, look, I really need you to do my review. You said that you'd get it done last week, and I still don't have it. I can't get my raise until you put the review in. I know my increase probably isn't going to be much, but every little bit helps." Dave's response, "Look, Eric, I know it needs to get done, but I'm doing my level best just to keep up with my own workload right now. You're just going to have to wait until I can get it done. I'll make sure I "retro" your increase, back to your anniversary date on September 2nd. Okay?" Eric responds by saying, "Whatever, Dave…" and walks off, disheartened by his manager. Eric calls you, his HR person, to talk about the situation.

  • What are the problems with Dave putting off Eric's review?
  • What should HR's involvement be in this situation?
  • How can you correct this situation, to ensure it doesn't happen again?

Sneak Peek 2:

You work in HR and get a call from one of the managers that "We keep having reports that our reps are being rude to customers—and I can't have that. My customer satisfaction index used to be 95%. The last six months we've trended down, and we're currently at only 83%. My boss is breathing down my neck to get that customer sat number up! I need to you to put something together right away so we can get everyone trained.

  • What would be your first step?
  • How will you determine if training will solve the issue of reps "being rude" to customers?
  • If you determine training will solve the problem, how will you build the training program?
  • How much time do you think it will take you to build a customer service training program?
  • If you build it, how will you know it will be effective?
Venues/Dates For This Course
Course TitleDateCity/StatePrice
Certificate Program For HR Generalists4/3/2023Philadelphia$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists4/12/2023Scottsdale$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists4/26/2023Denver$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists5/3/2023Los Angeles/Anaheim$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists5/8/2023Boston$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists5/17/2023San Diego$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists6/7/2023Minn/St. Paul$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists6/14/2023Las Vegas$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists7/17/2023Milwaukee$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists7/17/2023Austin$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists8/28/2023Richmond$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists9/13/2023Seattle$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists9/20/2023San Diego$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists9/25/2023Savannah$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists10/11/2023Chicago$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists11/8/2023San Antonio$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists11/13/2023Austin$2,395.00
Certificate Program For HR Generalists11/29/2023New Orleans$2,395.00
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