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The Industry Calendar creates and sells webinars, audio conferences, and seminars for busy business professionals.

For over ten years we've done the work of listing the important, don't-miss events in one convenient location so you can quickly and easily learn about key training topics that keep you up-to-date on trends and best practices, all while helping to keep you in compliance with the various rules and regulations affecting your organization.

The following courses - listed by format - are offered. To see course details or to order, simply click on the course title.

Available Webcasts
Course TitlePrice
Agile Basics For HR$239.00
Key Issues For Employee Handbooks$239.00
#MeToo For HR$239.00
#MeToo For HR$239.00
1099 Reporting Requirements$239.00
9 Ways To Spot, Handle, and Reduce Workers' Comp Fraud$239.00
Accident / Incident Investigation And Root Cause Analysis$239.00
Account Marketing Ideas$239.00
aPHR Certification Prep Class$799.00
Avoiding The Top 10 Legal And Compliance Mistakes In The E-Statement Process$239.00
Background Checks And Safe Hiring: Trends, Legal Developments, And Best Practices$239.00
Basics Of Affirmative Action Planning$239.00
Basics Of Tuition Assistance$239.00
Best Practices For HR And Electronic Records$239.00
Best Practices For Near Miss Reporting$239.00
Best Practices For Social Media Policy And Monitoring Procedures$239.00
Brand New to HR? Identify The Critical Components Of HR You Need To Know Right Now$239.00
Calculating Global Cash Flow$239.00
Changing The Perception Of The HR Department$239.00
Compensation Basics$239.00
Compensation Metrics: Get The Basics On Gathering And Calculating Data To Pay Employees Appropriately$239.00
Compliance Tips For Gifts, Awards, & Other Fringe Benefits$239.00
Confined Spaces Hazards: How To Limit Your Risks And Manage Permits$239.00
Conflict Resolution – How To Deal With Difficult People$239.00
Coping Tools For Managing Multiple Priorities And Projects$239.00
Designing Base Pay Programs: What Works!$239.00
Designing Successful Variable Pay Programs For Your Organization: An Effective Step-By-Step Approach$239.00
Detecting And Deterring Payroll Fraud$239.00
Disability Discrimination And The Interactive Process$239.00
Disaster Planning For Payroll$239.00
Discipline & Documentation Fundamentals For Managers And Supervisors$239.00
Dress Code Policy Do's and Don'ts$239.00
EEO Compliance And Workplace Harassment Prevention $239.00
Electronic Cigarettes And “No Hire Smoker” Policies $239.00
Electronic Records: Tips For Effective And Compliant Record Management $239.00
Emergency Response: What To Do, What To Say, And How To Plan For It$239.00
Ethics Of Safety Leadership $239.00
Evaluating Your Paid Time-Off Strategy: PTO Or Traditional Vacation & Sick Pay?$239.00
Excel Basics$239.00
Excel Tips, Tricks, And Shortcuts$239.00
Excel Training: Conditional Formatting$239.00
Excel Training: How To Use Excel Charts$239.00
Excel Training: How To Use Excel Dashboards$239.00
Excel Training: How To Use Internal Control Features$239.00
Excel Training: How To Use Pivot Tables$239.00
Excel Training: Introduction To VLOOKUP$239.00
Excel Training: Using Tables$239.00
Excel Troubleshooting: How To Uncover Errors, Protect Key Formulas, And Improve The Accuracy Of Your Excel Spreadsheets $239.00
Executive Taxation$239.00
FDIC Rules For Electronic Records $239.00
Form I-9: Understanding The Anti-Discrimination Provisions Of The Law$239.00
Fundamentals Of Form W-2 & Form W-4 Processing $239.00
Garnishments, Child Support Orders, And Other Levies$239.00
GHS - Beyond The Pictograms $239.00
Handling Consumer ACH Disputes$239.00
Handling Requests For Accommodating Disabilities$239.00
High Impact Excel: Dashboard Edition$239.00
How The Hazcom/GHS Final Rule Affects Your Workplace$239.00
How To Avoid Safety Mistakes That Cost You Money$239.00
How To Avoid The Most-Common FMLA/ADA Compliance Mistakes$239.00
How To Avoid Wrongful Termination Claims$239.00
How To Be A Coach And Not Just The Boss $239.00
How To Coach Employees To Manage Small Conflicts On Their Own $239.00
How To Communicate Your Total Reward Programs$239.00
How To Conduct A Mock OSHA Audit$239.00
How To Conduct A Reasonable Accommodation Discussion$239.00
How To Conduct Employee Relations Investigations$239.00
How To Design And Align Total Rewards And Performance Management$239.00
How To Do A Payroll Audit - Former Auditor's Expert Advice$239.00
How To Document Your Payroll Procedures$239.00
How To Get Payroll Penalties Waived$239.00
How To Handle Employee's Accommodation Requests - And Identify Requests That Just Aren't Reasonable$239.00
How To Identify - And Avoid - OSHA's Frequently Cited Regulations$239.00
How To Identify And Investigate FMLA Abuse$239.00
How To Improve HR's Function From Tactical To Strategic$239.00
How To Improve HR's Influence And Negotiation Skills$239.00
How To Keep HR From Being The Employee Complaint Department$239.00
How To Minimize The Negative Impact Of Difficult Team Members$239.00
How To Pay In An Employee Market$239.00
How To Properly Complete The New Form I-9$239.00
How To Provide Effective Corrective Feedback$239.00
How To Successfully Evolve From Base Pay To Comprehensive Variable Rewards$239.00
How To Successfully Hire, Manage, And Engage Your Remote Workforce$239.00
How To Successfully Influence Others Through Assertive Communication$239.00
How To Write Clear, Concise, And Compliant Job Descriptions$239.00
HR Auditing: Critical Issues For Managing And Ensuring Compliance$239.00
HR's Guide To Medical Marijuana In The Workplace$239.00
HR’s Role In Team Building$239.00
I-9 Compliance Issues: Things That Most Employers Don’t Realize They Need To Know$239.00
Injury-Proofing New Employees$239.00
Introduction To Credit Analysis$239.00
IRS Quarterly Reporting: Tips For The Form 941$239.00
IRS Rules For Travel Pay$239.00
Is It FMLA Or The “Friday-Monday Leave Act”? How To Identify And Investigate Employees Who Are Gaming The System$239.00
Keeping Workers' Comp Injuries From Becoming Permanent Vacations$239.00
Legal Issues From Having A Mobile Workforce$239.00
Low Voltage For Qualified Persons$239.00
Machine Guarding$239.00
Making The Most Of LinkedIn For HR Professionals$239.00
Managing E-Sign, E-Statements, And E-Disclosures$239.00
Managing Managers: Creating a Culture of Accountability$239.00
Mandated Sick Pay: Options And Requirements$239.00
Medical Marijuana In The Workplace: A Guide For HR$239.00
Motivate Or Terminate$239.00
Multi-State Employee Handbooks: Legal Pitfalls Need To Know$239.00
Multi-State Payroll Tax Compliance$239.00
New, Simplified Rules For Employee vs Independent Contractor Classification$239.00
OSHA 300 Log Completion $239.00
OSHA Injury Recordkeeping Tips$239.00
OSHA Recordkeeping 101$239.00
OSHA Recordkeeping: Tips For Filling Out The Forms Correctly$239.00
OSHA Responsibilities Of The HR Professional$239.00
OSHA Rules For Hiring Contract Employees$239.00
Pay Equality: How To Achieve It!$239.00
Pay Grades And Job Value—How To Build A Workable Compensation System$239.00
Payroll Deduction Laws Update$239.00
Payroll Forms Update$239.00
Payroll Fraud: Are Your Employees Ripping You Off?$239.00
Payroll Issues For Deceased Employees$239.00
Payroll Operations: Best Practices$239.00
Payroll Paycards: How To Save Costs and Maintain Compliance$239.00
Payroll Pitfalls To Avoid$239.00
Payroll Reconciliation And Reporting$239.00
Payroll Recordkeeping: Steps For Going Paperless$239.00
Payroll Records: What To Keep, What To Toss$239.00
Payroll Requirements For Terminated Employees$239.00
Payroll Rules For Work Visas$239.00
Payroll Year End And Preparing For 2020$239.00
PHR-SPHR Certification Prep Class$1,195.00
Preventing Workplace Harassment and Bullying - What Every HR Professional Should Know$239.00
Profiting From Government Guaranteed Loans$239.00
Reporting Compensation: W-2s And 1099s$219.00
Return-To-Work Strategies$239.00
Review Of OSHA Hazardous Energy Control (LOTO) Standard$239.00
Root Cause Analysis In Accident Investigations$239.00
Rules And Requirements For Employee Expense Reimbursements$239.00
Rules For Safety Reward And Incentive Programs$239.00
Rules For Unclaimed Paychecks$239.00
Safety And The Aging Workforce$239.00
Safety Management For The New Manager$239.00
Safety Metrics: 10 Ways To Measure And Quantify Your Safety Program$239.00
Safety PR: What To Say When A Serious Incident Occurs$239.00
Safety Recordkeeping: 10 Common Mistakes To Avoid$239.00
Screening Applicants: What Can I Ask?$239.00
Serious Complaint or Employee Drama?$239.00
Six Sigma, Lean, & BBS: A Three-Pronged Approach to Safety$239.00
SOX Rules For Payroll$239.00
Strategic Thinking For Talent Acquisition$239.00
Successful Strategies For Running An 'HR Department Of One'$239.00
Succession Planning Strategies$239.00
Tackle Excel Pivot Tables$239.00
Tax Reform: Changes To Payroll$239.00
Taxation For International Payroll$239.00
Ten Surefire Strategies For Delivering Win-Win Performance Evaluations$239.00
The Benefits Of HR Metrics$239.00
The Top 7 Behaviors That Make An HR Manager A Rising Star$239.00
Tips For Communicating Workplace Safety To Employees$239.00
Tips For Effective Conflict Management$239.00
Tips For Tracking, Monitoring, And Managing Your Workers' Comp Claims$239.00
Transitioning To Management: How To Succeed As A New Supervisor$239.00
Underwriting Construction Loans$239.00
Underwriting Franchise Business Loans$239.00
Unemployment Update For Payroll$239.00
Using Criminal Records In Employment Decisions$239.00
Volker's Template$239.00
Ways To Save Money On Your Unemployment Insurance$239.00
What Must Go In Your Safety Plan$239.00
What The New Lockout/Tagout Revision Means For Your Workplace$239.00
What To Do When Applicants Or Employees Have A Criminal History$239.00
Why Do Managers Give HR A Hard Time? How To Improve Your Relationship With Managers, Improve Cooperation, And Minimize Conflict$239.00
Wire Transfer Fraud Prevention Programs$239.00
Workers' Comp 101: The Whats, Whens, And Whys$239.00
Workers' Comp Cost Savings Tips$239.00
Workers' Compensation Tips: 31 Practical Tips That Strengthen Your Workers' Comp Program - And Your Bottom Line$239.00
Writing And Implementing Effective And Compliant E-Disclosures$239.00
Year End Legislative & Tax Changes In Payroll $239.00

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