Internal Auditing Fundamentals

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About This Course:
Everyone hears the phrase 'internal audit,' but they don't understand what it means. Many people confuse internal auditing with external financial statement audits believing they only involve financial issues.

However, the reality is there are many types of internal audit processes that are not only compliance-oriented but are opportunities to review and improve processes and maximize efficiencies.

This course will include information on what internal audits are, the benefits of an internal audit, how to perform internal audits, how to report your findings and conclusions to management, and how to use internal audits as a management tool.

The material will include real-life examples and the benefits of getting in the field (site visits, calls, and observations) to maximize those benefits.What You'll Learn:Define and Explain the Purpose of an Internal Audit
  • Define and Explain the Purpose of the Internal Audit Team
  • Describe the Benefits of the Process Within an Organization
  • How to Use Internal Audits as a Business Tool
The Internal Audit Process
  • Describe the Internal Audit Process
  • Outline Different Process Areas That Can Be Covered by an Internal Audit
  • Explain the Purpose of What the Team Does and Interaction With Company Personnel
  • Planning for Internal Audit
Areas Covers and How to Streamline the Process
  • Talent, Technology, and Training
  • How to Make the Internal Audit Process Streamlined
  • Understand Effective Documentation and Report
  • Communicating the Findings to Management
Closing Summary and Questions and Answers
Internal Auditing Fundamentals
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