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Internal Investigation Training & Certification Program Online

Online Course: ID# 1003371
Price: $799.00
About This Course:
Learn The Procedures For How To Conduct An Internal Investigation!

An internal investigation is a formal inquiry to determine if organizational policies and/or laws have been violated.

Investigations commonly are triggered by a complaint, allegation, a suspicion of misconduct, perceived or real harassment, or any number of other reasons, many of which are covered under federal or state laws.

Our Internal Investigations Training & Certification Program gives you the procedures for handling an Internal Investigation - as well as some rules for avoiding complaints to begin with!

This self-paced, online program provides excellent guidance on how to conduct an Internal Investigation, and includes numerous tips, examples, procedural recommendations, and best-practise tips on how to conduct an Internal Investigation.

Learning Objectives

This course will help you to:

  • Understand the root causes of Internal Investigations
  • Know the employment laws and required disclosures affecting investigations
  • Deal with retaliation, defamation, and privacy issues during the investigation
  • Handle and process the Initial Complaint
  • Properly gather documentary, physical, and testimonial evidence
  • Document and assess witness interviews and statements
  • Determine who should - and shouldn't - be privy to the investigative details
  • Deal with political and other hot spots
  • Analyze investigative facts
  • Hold the preliminary findings meeting
  • Prepare the investigative report
  • Conclude your investigation
  • Effectively communicate and act upon your determinations
  • well as communication, training, and policy tips for avoiding an internal investigation!

And as a special bonus, organizations enrolling three or more individuals also receive our Management Interface at no cost. This interface lets managers view employee progress, test scores, and any incorrectly answered test questions - great for remedial training!

And upon completion of the program, you earn the valued "Certificate In Internal Investigation Skills". Your certificate is available to print immediately and is suitable for framing.


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Top FAQs

Time clocks, time sheets, and electronic methods are a couple ways to track hours worked.
Maintaining accurate payroll records, such as hours worked, pay, and tips and tax amounts, obeying federal and state rules, and submitting required reports on a timely basis.
Probably the largest pitfall is the reaction of your employees, especially if the investigation is handled poorly. For instance, the company does not investigate theft allegations, tells the accused details from an accuser's accusations, and loss of profits and reputation.
An "internal" or "workplace" investigation is a formal inquiry regarding allegations of wrongdoing to determine whether laws or corporate policies have been violated.
Respond promptly and responsibly, assess, plan, investigate, evaluate, conclude.
Common law, retaliation, Assault & Battery, Defamation, Privacy, and more.
Several, including hostile or violent employees, retaliation lawsuits, state or federal repurcussions from broken laws, and affects on your workforce.
Employers must know the legal obligations that require them to conduct internal investigations, how to gather documentary and physical evidence, how to effectively handle witness interviews, and how to apply discipliary action or termination.
Continuing Education Credits:

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Internal Investigation Training & Certification Program Online
Price: $799.00
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