IRS Rules For Travel Pay

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on CD or On-Demand formats

Available Formats

Our courses are generally available in the following formats:


Live versions are interactive, meaning that you attend the event from your home or office at a specified time and date where you can listen in and ask questions in real time. And since the charge for the Live version is per phone line, you can have as many people attend as you can fit into the room.

Re accessing the Live version: You will receive an email with the dial-in phone number and the link for downloading any accompanying handouts the day prior to the event. Alternatively, you can access this info by clicking on the course title on your MyAccount page. Simply dial in at the stated time on the scheduled date via phone, Internet, or mobile device.


The CD version is a recording of the Live event. Though you do lose the ability to ask questions, you benefit from being able to replay the training session multiple times or lend it out to your co-workers or direct reports.

Re accessing this course: CDs typically are created and sent shortly after the event. Please give a few days for mail delivery.


The On-Demand format is a recorded version of the live event that you download. On-Demand versions often are available as soon as three days after the live broadcast. To access, you simply click the course title on your MyAccount page to download both the audio and any applicable handouts.

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