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Legal Issues From Having A Mobile Workforce

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About This Course:
The use of personal digital devices, cell phones, laptop computers, etc. has literally changed the entire scope of our work environment. So much so that many employees no longer spend the majority of their worktime in the office.

Though technology has allowed us the "freedom" of working from home or on the road, there are some perspective trouble spots for employers.

Specifically, legal issues surrounding these devices that have made our life more flexible are just now coming to the forefront. For instance, how does an employer protect confidential information on these devices? Is time that an employee answers an email on a PDA compensable working time? Can an employer be liable for an employee who causes an accident while texting and driving?

Even without the legal risks, employers face practical risks as well. Studies have shown that - despite the flexibility – such devices have actually caused increased stress among workers.

The "dividing line" between the office and home has become so blurred that the devices also have contributed to marital issues. Stress and home issues often cross over into the work place resulting in loss of productivity, burn out, etc.

So...how can you minimize the risks yet still take advantage of the use of these devices?

What You'll Learn:

In this audio conference, you will learn about:

  • The difference between a virtual office and telecommuting
  • General tort liability issues and policies you need to consider
  • Potential workers' compensation issues associated with virtual offices and telecommuting
  • Fair Labor Standards Act issues
  • Family and Medical Leave Act issues
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and any requirement an employer may have to allow the use of virtual offices and telecommuting
  • What unemployment laws apply if one works in a state where your company is not located? How about state tax laws?
  • What are the personal drawbacks of allowing employees to use such devices outside of the workplace?
  • Security issues associated with the use of personal digital devices
Course Details
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