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Medical Marijuana In The Workplace: A Guide For HR

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With the many new state laws being passed legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, HR Professionals can be overwhelmed when applying their drug-free workplace policies and employees who may fail a drug screen due to medical marijuana.

Understanding HR’s obligations for enforcement of an employer’s drug-free workplace policies in light of these new state laws legalizing medical and recreational marijuana use can be a veritable nightmare. It is essential that HR understand how best to deal with situations when employees may use marijuana or be under the influence at work or when they may fail routine drug screenings. These issues highlight the many questions for HR such as whether you must provide applicants and employees with accommodations for use of medical marijuana in your workplace.

In addition, whether you can still prohibit use of marijuana and/or being under the influence of marijuana in the workplace in states that have legalized medicinal use of marijuana? This webinar will provide a better understanding of all these issues and more.What You'll Learn:

Learning Objectives

• Review of current state laws relating to medical and recreational marijuana
• Understand what it means to need marijuana for medical usage
• Review an employer’s obligations regarding allowing medical marijuana usage in the workplace
• What are an employer’s obligation vis-à-vis the employment laws and their interaction with the new state medical marijuana laws
• Methods on handling an employee’s use of medical marijuana with regard to drug screens

Course Details
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