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Men And Women Work Together

Online Course: ID# 1003637
About This Course:
The ability of men and women to work together successfully is crucial in any workplace.

This course examines how to develop the awareness and skills necessary to resolve conflicts and to meet other challenges that arise, and it provides a set of productive communication tools for everyday use.

  • Use clear methods to address differences and resolve conflict.
  • Define and communicate your thoughts for better results.
  • Review key issues and ideas for effective implementation.
Session 1
  • Section A: Men and Women at Work
    • Introduction
    • The New Workplace
    • Key Fact
  • Section B: Culture
    • Two Cultures
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Key Fact
  • Section C: Communication
    • Personalities
    • Cultural Biases
    • Progressive Organizations
    • Key Fact
  • Section D: Collaboration
    • Helping Each Other
    • Conclusion
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Men And Women Work Together
Price: $99.00
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