Microsoft® Excel®: Beyond The Basics

Seminar: ID# 1003621

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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Setup and Editing Success
  • 7 Rules that make worksheet setup easy
  • How to conceal data in cells, columns, and rows without losing it
  • 3 steps to protect your data
  • 9 keyboard shortcuts that will cut hours from your work
  • Tips on changing chart attributes without losing data
  • How to manipulate multiple ranges with Autofill
  • The overlooked problem-solver for naming ranges
  • The end of data entry drudgery — how to get the software to do it for you
Formulas and Functions That Cut Work Down to Size
  • Tips for building complex formulas quickly and accurately
  • How to utilize the hundreds of functions at your fingertips
  • How to use absolute and mixed cells
  • Logic Functions — the If, And, and Or statements that make data more usable
  • 7 formulas you can use right away to select, extract, and combine text entries
How to Make the Most of Macros
  • When to use an automated procedure or macro — and when not to
  • Tips for recording a complex macro and ensuring it runs easily
  • How to assign command buttons to macros
  • Techniques for debugging a macro, as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • How to start — and use — the Visual Basic Editor
Data Exchange with Other Applications
  • Specific steps for sharing data with Microsoft PowerPoint®, Access®, Word, and other platforms
  • How to save your Excel work in a web-friendly format
The Power of Tables, Databases and Lists
  • How to sort to maximize the data's usability
  • Auditing: a visual map of your formulas
  • How to build and manage a PivotChart that's everything management wants
  • The best way to analyze equations with scenarios
  • A shortcut for calculating trends and projecting future ones
Microsoft® Excel®: Beyond The Basics
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