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Onboarding Training / Onboarding Programs

Need An Onboarding Program Or Training For Onboarding New Employees?

Employee turnover costs the company at least three times the employee's annual salary. When employees quit, your company loses - not only experienced talent, but money.

And when you consider the time and money spent "re-hiring" for the position, you'll find that training for onboarding new employees is more important than ever...especially when research shows that if you provide employees a proper onboarding experience, they are nearly 70% more likely to remain on the job for three years or longer!onboarding

Obviously, having a hew hire onboarding processes and a proper onboarding program is very important. But should you create your own onboarding program or purchase a customizable onboarding program from an experienced company?

Find Training For Onboarding New Employees

HR Training Center provides training for onboarding new employees. Our training includes proven onboarding best practices and hew hire onboarding processes.

We offer online, self-study, and interactive audio conferences about creating or improving your hew hire onboarding processes and onboarding program.

Listed below are some of our most-popular onboarding training courses. Either select on of the recommended courses or select "Recruiting & Hiring" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.
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