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Payroll Operations Training & Certification Program Agenda

Online Course: ID# 1000063


Payroll Interface & Integration

  • Payroll Accounting
  • Payroll Accounting, Continued
  • Payroll Accounting: Financial Statements, Continued
  • Payroll Accounting: Financial Statements
  • Payroll Accounting: Double Entry Accounting System
  • Payroll Accounting: Double Entry Accounting System, Continued
  • Overview
  • The General Ledger, Part I
  • The General Ledger, Part II
  • Interfacing With Other Departments
  • Integrated Payroll & Human Resources Systems

Direct Deposit & Pay Cards

  • Legal Issues For Paycard Programs
  • Choosing A Pay Card Vendor
  • Introduction
  • Advantages Of Direct Deposit
  • Disadvantages Of Direct Deposit
  • Direct Deposit
  • Employee Authorizations
  • Creating And Maintaining The Direct Deposit Files
  • Optional Prenotification Process
  • Optional Prenotification Process
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Step By Step Strategies On How To Set Up a Direct Deposit Program
  • National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA)
  • Pay Card Programs
  • Using Pay Cards In Payroll
  • Benefits Of A Paycard Program
  • Why Would Employees Prefer A Payroll Debit Card Instead Of Direct Deposit?
  • Implementing A Pay Card Program

Working With Self-Service Systems

  • The Basics Of A Self Service System
  • The Basics Of An Employee Self-Service System
  • Self-Service Tips Checklist
  • Determining ROI

Payroll Systems

  • The Development Of The Computer, Part I
  • The Development Of The Computer, Part II
  • The Five Generations of Modern Computers
  • Basic Payroll System Set Up & Terminology
  • Types Of Systems
  • In-House Custom System
  • In-House, Ready-To-Use Software
  • In-House Customized Program Designed By Vendor
  • Service Bureaus
  • Timesharing
  • Time & Attendance

Selecting A Payroll System

  • Beginning The Process
  • Setting Up The Project Team
  • System Analysis
  • Determine Operating Costs
  • Identify Technical Requirements
  • Identify Working Requirements
  • Develop An RFP
  • System Selection
  • System Installation
  • System Installation, Continued
  • System Implementation

Controlling The Payroll Process

  • Introduction To Controlling The Payroll Process
  • Auditing Procedures To Verify Input
  • Reconciliation Of The Payroll
  • Manual Checks, Void Checks, And Check Stock Controls
  • Proper Control Of The Distribution Of Payroll Checks And Unclaimed Checks
  • Audit Trails
  • Controls On Distribution Of Payroll Information And Reports
  • System Documentation
  • Auditing Procedures Prior To Input
  • Auditing Procedures Prior To Processing:

Record Retention

  • Family And Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Requirements
  • State Requirements
  • U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services (Form I-9)
  • Introduction
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • General Rules For Federal Income Tax Withholding
  • General FICA Rules
  • General FUTA Rules
  • Place And Period For Keeping Records
  • Form Of Records


  • How The Audit Is Conducted
  • How An Investigation Comes About
  • Handling The Actual Audit
  • Performing Internal Audits To Ensure Accuracy
  • Sample Audit Tasks Table
  • Internal Audits For Federal And State Taxation Compliance
  • Sample List of Audit Tasks
  • Internal Audits For Federal And State Taxation Compliance, Part I
  • Internal Audits For Federal And State Taxation Compliance, Part II
  • Internal Audits For Federal And State Taxation Compliance, Part III

Working With The IRS

  • What Constitutes An IRS Notice
  • Steps For Handling An IRS Notice
  • Creating The Correspondence To Handle The IRS Notice
  • The Taxpayer Advocate Office

Disaster Recovery

  • Error Correction Controls
  • Setting Up A Disaster Recover Plan
  • Sample Chart: Critical Payroll Functions
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
Payroll Operations Training & Certification Program
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