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Preventing Workers' Compensation Abuse

Webinar: ID# 1042100
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Worker's Compensation fraud brings with it the enormous annual price tag of $32 billion. Worker's compensation abuse is a felony and may be committed by dishonest employees, medical providers and even attorneys.

The various states have been clamping down on and taking strong action to stop workers compensation abuse in its tracks.

Course attendees will learn how to spot the red flags of potential abuse, what to do when presented with a possible fraudulent claim, and how to prevent fraud from ever happening in the first place.

Recent court cases involving worker's compensation abuse will be addressed. Participants will be provided with tips on how not to wind up in hot water with the undesirable and unintended consequence of a defamation lawsuit when dealing with worker's compensation abuse.What You'll Learn:Worker's Comp. and Fraudulent Claims
Red Flags of Abuse
Remote Workers and Worker's Compensation Abuse
Three Steps to Take If You Suspect Abuse
Preventing Workers' Compensation Abuse
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