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Progressive Discipline And Successful Termination

Online Course: ID# 1003640
Price: $119.00
About This Course:
Progressive Discipline and Successful Termination shows you how to work with problem employees and how to help improve their performance, attitude and effectiveness. Discover how early intervention keeps bad behavior from becoming a habit. With proper training, coaching and communication about expectations, your less-than-stellar employees may do a 180 - and eventually become your star performers.

  • Learn how to clearly communicate expected standards of behavior
  • What kinds of documentation are required to back up instances of bad behavior
  • How to be specific and include a timeline for improvement in every warning
Session 1
  • Section A: Enough is Enough
    • Progressive Discipline
    • Employee Performance
  • Section B: Discipline Process
    • Four Steps
    • Verbal Warning
    • Benefits
    • Documentation
    • Basic Principles
    • Formal Written Warning
  • Section C: Matching Discipline
    • Disciplinary Action
    • Final Written Warning
    • Elements of a Warning
    • Checkup
    • Monitoring
    • Nexus
  • Section D: Termination Session
    • Self-Termination
    • Communicate Effectively
    • Termination Process
    • Objective Party Review
    • Legal Termination Tips
    • Objective Documentation
    • Terminology and Phrasing
    • Disciplinary Policies
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Progressive Discipline And Successful Termination
Price: $119.00
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