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About The Human Equation, Inc.
Founded in 1997 by a group of risk management, insurance, and human resources professionals, The Human Equation offers knowledge, training, coaching, and research support on human resources and risk management in both traditional and web-based environments.

Our high-quality e-Learning materials deliver real-world and cost-effective instruction that result in improved employee productivity and reduced employer risk.

The Human Equation's mission is to significantly improve business performance for organizations of all sizes by promoting a fundamental awareness of, and learning solutions for, operational and employment risks.

The Human Equation's products and services portfolio includes a variety of learning solutions that include web-based training courses, labor consulting and coaching helplines, a research repository of news, forms, documents and policies, and an Employee Report Line that manages employee grievances.

Each of our courses are legally reviewed, certified by the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) for excellence in instruction and design, and accredited by The Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) for re-certification credit hours toward PHR and SPHR recertification.

Available Online Training Courses
Course Title sortProvider sortCE?Price sort
(AB 1825) Preventing and Managing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A Guide for Supervisors in CaliforniaThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$23.75
Acoso sexual: Guía para el empleadoThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$11.88
An Overview Of Employment LiabilitiesThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$19.00
Background Screening And The Fair Credit Reporting ActThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$19.00
Communicating Cross-Culturally: Improving Communications In Culturally Diverse Workplaces Ed. 1The Human Equation, Inc.No$9.50
Communicating Interpersonally: Mastering The Fundamentals Of Interpersonal Communication Ed.1The Human Equation, Inc.No$19.00
Communicating Negative Messages: Delivering Bad News SkillfullyThe Human Equation, Inc.No$14.25
Communication: Effective Workplace SkillsThe Human Equation, Inc.No$9.50
Communication: Understanding Team DynamicsThe Human Equation, Inc.No$9.50
Complying With COBRAThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$19.00
Conducting Workplace Investigations Effectively and LegallyThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$19.00
Creating A Winning Workforce: Becoming An Effective ManagerThe Human Equation, Inc.No$33.25
Disciplining And Terminating Employees: How To Reduce The DamageThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$11.88
Discrimination And Harassment Prevention: Promoting Workplace Diversity Without ConflictThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$9.50
Establishing Performance Standards: What Standards Work Best For You?The Human Equation, Inc.Yes$14.25
Ethics For Managers: Establishing An Ethical Culture Within Your OrganizationThe Human Equation, Inc.No$9.50
Fleet SafetyThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$14.25
Guidelines For Managing Intimate Conduct In SchoolsThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$11.88
HIPAA: Applying Standards For Securing Electronic Protected Health InformationThe Human Equation, Inc.No$38.00
Hiring And Orientation: Setting The Tone Of The Employment RelationshipThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$11.88
Improving Employee Performance: Instituting A 360-Degree Performance Evaluation System Ed.1The Human Equation, Inc.No$14.25
Indemnification And Contractual LiabilityThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$16.63
Information Risk Management: Strategies For Preventing And Mitigating Information Security BreachesThe Human Equation, Inc.No$9.50
Instituting Sensible And Affordable Drug Policies And Practices In The WorkplaceThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$19.00
Interviewing For Effective Low-Risk HiringThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$11.88
Introduction To Insurance PrinciplesThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$11.88
Lie Detector Tests In The WorkplaceThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$9.50
Managing Diversity In The WorkplaceThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$16.63
Preventing And Managing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: A Guide For Managers And SupervisorsThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$23.75
Running Effective HR MeetingsThe Human Equation, Inc.No$21.38
Sexual Harassment: An Employee’s GuideThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$9.50
The Department Of Labor's Growing Interest In Targeting YOU For Wage & Hour Violations, Pre-Recorded PodcastThe Human Equation, Inc.No$9.50
The Economic And Organizational Impact Of Stress In The WorkplaceThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$11.88
Understanding The Americans With Disabilities Act Ed.4The Human Equation, Inc.Yes$23.75
Violence In The Workplace: Reducing Occurrences Aand Managing The AftermathThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$11.88
Wage And Hour Regulations: The FLSAThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$19.00
Workplace Injuries: The Costs And The SolutionsThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$14.25

Special Promotions
Course Title sortProviderCE?Price sort
Background Screening & Violence Prevention SuiteThe Human Equation, Inc.Yes$98.82
HRCI / SHRM 10 Hour Online Recertification Training SuiteThe Human Equation, Inc.No$75.00
HRCI / SHRM 20 Hour Online Recertification Training SuiteThe Human Equation, Inc.No$150.00
HRCI / SHRM 30 Hour Re-Certification Training SuiteThe Human Equation, Inc.No$225.00
HRCI / SHRM 60 Hour Re-Certification Training SuiteThe Human Equation, Inc.No$450.00

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