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About Total Training Solutions
Since 1983 Total Training Solutions has produced dozens of videotapes, CD-Roms, DVD's and web-based training modules. In addition to off-the-shelf products, Total Training Solutions also develops custom training products and consults with financial institutions to develop their own training curriculum.

For timely delivery of training topics, webinars or web conferencing is an unbeatable option. We now offer over 100 live programs per year and you can even purchase the recorded or ondemand session if you are unable to attend the live program.

We have worked exclusively with the financial industry since our founding. Because of this, we understand the needs of training departments in financial institutions and are alert to changes which affect the industry.

Webinar Descriptions:

Live Session:
Attend the live session with the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter. You also receive a link to the handouts. All registrations for a live event will be given access to the OnDemand recording, at no additional cost, for seven days following the event. This will allow a flexible alternative when last minute conflicts intrude on scheduled events.

Recorded CD:
CD-Rom includes audio and video of recorded webinar plus hard copy handouts. You will also receive 6 months access to the OnDemand weblink as an added free bonus.

Includes a weblink for unlimited viewing for 6 months after the date of the webinar as well as a link to handouts.

Live + Recorded:
Includes all three options above. Live session, OnDemand Weblink, and CD-Rom plus Hardcopy Handouts.

Live + OnDemand:
Includes two of the options above. Live session and 6 months access to OnDemand Weblink plus link to handouts.

Available Webinars/Audio Conferences
Regulation B - Joint Intent

Join this Regulation B - Joint Intent compliance webinar to learn the who, what, when, where and how’s of documenting an applicant’s intent to be a joint applicant.

10 Critical Issues in Handling Trust Accounts

This webinar will cover standard trust-opening procedures and many questions that arise as trusts and account holder situations change.
10 Steps to Pass Your Next Compliance & Fair Lending Exam

Has your compliance program been updated with all the regulatory changes from 2013 and the significant mortgage changes that begin in 2014? This fast-paced seminar provides practical guidance to develop and maintain a risk-based compliance management program to pass the exam.

12 Deposit Hot Spots for New Accounts

This program delivers not only a host of compliance tasks that have to be accomplished during the new account interview but it also will suffice as your frontline annual training requirement for these regulatory topics.

12 Tricks that Make Training Stick

If you're responsible for helping others learn, this webinar is for you. Discover tips and techniques aimed at making training fun.
17 Compliance Tasks of the New Account Interview

In this program we will look at the compliance tasks that must be accomplished and how to ask these questions and handle the customer so that everyone feels good at the end of the interview.
20 Legal Account Ownerships, Titles, Sample Signature Cards and Legal Documentation

This program is an A-Z on account ownership and documentation. It is a must for anyone who opens or manages new accounts.

2018 Cybersecurity Forecast

As the year slowly winds down, join us for a review on major information security events in 2017 and a brief look forward at what is to come in 2018.

2018 Most Common Regulation O Concerns

This program provides the information needed by the lending, compliance and audit staff to assure ongoing compliance with the regulation.
25 Baseline Controls Banks Struggle To Implement

We have identified the top 25 most common baseline controls not implemented by financial institutions.
7 Habits of Highly Successful Bankers

This powerful webinar will share the proven best practices of top producers so you can teach and coach your team to help them become more effective and reach their sales goals.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Supervisors

Spend some time learning not only what it takes, but take away tips to arm you with the habits that will make you effective.
8 Steps to Improve Cross-Selling

Learn how to boost morale among the troops so they can boost service delivery and cross-selling!
A Business Development Officer's Guide To Selling Non-Traditional Financial Products

This is a detailed discussion on how to recognize prospects and either sell or refer to your internal expert or correspondent bank/credit union partner.
Accounting Principles for Lenders

Learn about the flow of accounting from identifying economic events and how they're reported in financial statements.

Accounts Receivable And Inventory Financing

This course will cover Accounts Receivable and Inventory Financing risks, and present how a bank can prudently manage these risks.
ACH Exception Processing

There is an exception to many rules, including ACH.
ACH Origination for Lenders and Cash Management

In this session we will explain why you need to be compliant with the ACH Rules and the ramifications if you are not.
ACH Rules Update

Make sure you are compliant and take advantage of the opportunities within ACH.
Advanced Cash Flow Analysis

Learn a “five-step” analysis plan that will clarify and “unify” this often confusing financial subject.
Advanced Commercial Loan Documentation

This fast-paced webinar will focus on the purpose, use and content of the six core commercial loan documents: the promissory note, the loan agreement, the security agreement, the guaranty, the letter of credit and the subordination/intercreditor agreement.
Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

Attend this proactive seminar and learn a "comprehensive approach" to financial statement analysis.
Advanced Lending Techniques Through Loan Hedging

In an unprecedented interest rate environment, we will share strategies that allow lenders to address essential questions.
Advanced Tax Return Analysis

Learn advanced tax return concepts and related analyses to help you work more effectively with your bank's business customers.
Advertising Compliance

Learn how to comply with advertising requirements in various regulations.

Agricultural Loan Documentation And Administration

Learn about agricultural collateral, risk management, loan documentation, loan administration and loan monitoring.

Alert! FFIEC Issues New Customer Due Diligence and Beneficial Ownership Examination Procedures

On May 11th, 2018, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued new examination procedures on the final rule.
Alert! Financial Crimes Enforcement Network: Proposed Customer Due Diligence Requirements for Financial Institutions

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is proposing rules under the Bank Secrecy Act to clarify and strengthen customer due diligence requirements for banks.
Alert! New Currency Transaction Report and Suspicious Activity Report Update

This line-by-line webinar will look at these two FinCEN reports in a line-by-line fashion.
Alert! New SAR and CTR Line by Line

The two sections of this webinar provide a line-by-line look at the forms and your requirements to file. Time lines, identification, RSSDs, and exemptions will all be covered.

Alert! New SAR Line By Line

FinCEN has issued a notice to e-filers that announces an update to the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) filing format, to go live in June 2018.
Alert! Reg CC Changes Go Into Effect In July - Are You Ready?

Regulation CC Final Amendments Affecting Check Clearing. The Board is amending subparts A, C, and D of Regulation CC, Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks (12 CFR part 229).
Analyzing Service Businesses

This webinar will provide knowledge in the wide variety of service businesses that exist and how those businesses should be analyzed from a financial standpoint.
Analyzing Small Manufacturing Businesses

This program will use financial information to demonstrate to lenders the ways in which they can analyze manufacturing businesses in order to make better credit decisions.

Analyzing Tax Returns For Mortgage Decisions

This webinar is designed to give mortgage lenders a better grasp of tax returns and their importance in making quality loan decisions.
Annual BSA Training for the Frontline
Dates through 10/18/2018

New BSA rules on Customer Due Diligence make it the most important annual training in many years on BSA. Educate your frontline on new beneficial ownership rules.
Annual Deposit Regulation Training for the Branch

Is your front line a compliance asset or liability? Let’s make them a compliance asset.

Applicants and Applications

Join us for this two-hour Applicants and Applications compliance webinar.
Appraisal Review for Residential Mortgage Decisions

This webinar will give you an understanding of reviewing appraisals.
Appraisals: Dealing with Regulations and Requirements

Learn in-depth details of the appraisal and valuation process, from both the lender and appraiser side of the game.

ARM Disclosures

This two-hour program explains how to develop, maintain and audit ARM disclosures
ATM Cashout Scams

This session is intended to ensure that ATM security has moved up on your radar and been properly integrated into your risk assessment program.
Audit Report Writing

This highly specialized webinar offers a deep and useful toolbox of techniques that auditors can use when noting audit observations, drafting objective workpapers, and composing well-structured, detailed, and fluent audit reports.
Auditing Your Bank Secrecy Act Program

This program is a must to stay current on BSA issues.
Avoiding and Dealing with Problem Loans

This program will examine the ways in which loan monitoring, proper loan servicing, and other techniques can help to avoid problem loans and assist the lender in dealing with difficult situations when they develop.
Avoiding Bank Liability in the Collection Process

This webcast seminar will address all legal issues involved in the collection process.
Avoiding Safe Deposit Lawsuits

2012 Update - What Caused Fourteen Current Disappearance Claims?
Background Checks, References and Pre-Employment Testing

This program covers the employer's need for secure and effective hiring while avoiding improper practices.
Banish the BLUES from Reviews: Perfecting Performance Evaluations

You'll learn ways to plan ahead, prepare all year round, conduct insightful evaluations, and execute effective coaching and mentoring.
Bank Call Report Preparation for Beginners

This 5-part series is designed for bankers with one year or less experience in call report preparation experience.
Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Training for the Board of Directors

This webinar the topics that should be covered in BSA training sessions for the Board of Directors.
Banker's Responsbility Under FCRA

These Rules and Regulations have been updated and now appear in your FCRA Exam.
Banking Risk: A Guide to Assessing Risk Strategically

This webinar will help you avoid that kind of trouble by giving you the tools needed to improve your risk assessment skills and understanding.
Basic Bankruptcy for Bankers

This webinar will introduce you to the world of bankruptcy.
Basic Business Entities And Other Commercial Borrowers

This webinar presents a survey of requirements, characteristics, advantages, disadvantages plus creation and documentation issues for the most frequently used types of business entities.
Basic Cash Flow Analysis

Learn how to calculate cash flow using the Universal Cash Flow Analysis method (UCA).
Basic Personal And Business Tax Return Analysis

Bank personnel are required to obtain and properly interpret tax returns for both commercial and consumer lending purposes. The first part of this seminar will concentrate on personal tax return analysis, and the second part will focus on analysis of various business tax returns.
Basic Underwriting

This class will give an excellent overview of the components of risk an underwriter considers in reviewing a loan.
Basics of Banking
Dates through 10/17/2018

This webinar is a must for all new bankers and/or those that want to brush up on their general banking knowledge! Attendees will become better prepared to meet the challenges and rewards of working in the industry today.
Basics of Cash Management - Three Part Webinar

This series of three webinars will provide a basic understanding of corporate cash management needs and practices and what customers expect from their financial institution's cash management services.
Basics Of Real Estate Loan Documentation

Receive an overview of real estate loan documentation requirements, regulatory compliance issues, loan administration issues and best practices.
Become a Stellar Teller!

This webinar packs a punch in helping tellers become more confident and capable in taking it to the next level and in becoming the star that you know you are!
Becoming the Employee You Expect Others to Be

This fast-moving webinar is a targeted training session on encouraging and educating your entire staff on what they can do be become a better employee.

Beneficial Ownership Training For The Frontline

During this webinar we will explain the new Customer Due Diligence (CDD) rules line by line to your staff.
Best Teller Supervisory Practices

The webinar will give you new insight, practical pointers, and tips on handling the most common, as well as the most difficult, supervisory issues.
Best-Ever Compliance Checklists For Consumer Loans

Colorful easy-to-use checklists lead lenders and processors through the various compliance requirements.
Bitcoin for Bankers

Learn about Bitcoin and other virtual currencies - including jargon, risks & rewards, and related potential innovations.
BSA / AML and OFAC - Continuing Developments

We'll talk about where the risk areas are in these rules, and where examiners are criticizing institutions.
BSA Confidentiality Issues: Subpoenas, NSLs, Law Enforcement & Lawsuits

Learn more during this program on the do's and don'ts on working with different types of law enforcement inquires.
BSA Emerging Issues 2018

Everything you need to know to succeed this year at the BSA desk.
BSA for Lenders

Help your lenders and loan staff understand their responsibilities by hearing “real life” examples of situations that could trigger filing of a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report).
BSA Model Validation - Are You Talking To Me?

Key bank personnel can learn to oversee the validation process and ensure your bank meets regulatory and audit expectations.
BSA Officer Series: Managing Your BSA Alerts

Do you know what to do when you get an Alert? Learn how to detect and determine what to do and when to do it on the Red Flag to SAR process.

BSA Series: 10 Examination Hot Spots

During this program, we will look at some of the examiner's hot spots for BSA.
BSA Series: 4 Hotspots - Marijuana Businesses, Elder Abuse, Virtual Currency and Model Validation

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has issued a series of guidance's on hot topics this year. This program goes to those issues that must be addressed.
BSA Series: BSA Emerging Issues for 2016

This program is a must to stay current on BSA issues.
BSA Series: Customer Due Diligence For 2016

Get a complete update on Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

BSA Series: Growing Your CDD Questionnaire For Business Accounts

You will learn how to build a fluid script that makes sense for your business customer and how to find the level of risk your institution can tolerate.
BSA Series: Money Laundering the New Way - Virtual Currency, Prepaids, Marijuana

This program focuses on the new types of financial crimes and how to detect them.
BSA Series: Money Service Businesses Update and Review

A 2013 Update on Money Service Businesses and both federal and state issues.

BSA Series: OFAC and Your AML: Making the BSA Connection

In this program we will review what should be in an OFAC Compliance Program.

BSA Series: Opening Accounts For Marijuana Related Businesses

If you are reviewing the current situation with marijuana related businesses, then this program is a must for you.
BSA Series: Risk Assessments, Models, Validation, And Tuning

Don't miss this deeper dive into the tools that protect your organization from financial crimes.
BSA Series: Writing A BSA Policy

We will look at the virtual currency issues and the BSA response to those issues. We will discuss the difference between the user, exchanger and administrator of virtual currency.
BSA Year End Round Up

Get a recap of 2016's emerging issues for BSA and a look toward 2017 issues.


This program will look line-by-line at the regulation and point out avenues of change to explore in 2018.
BSA: Core Components Of An AML Program

This webinar will look at the critical issues of each of these components and how they relate to your overall goal to prevent financial crimes.
BSA: New Customer And Due Diligence Requirements

Learn how to move from the CDD program you have to the new version.
BSA: NRAs, FACTA, OFAC, and Other International Issues

This program will look at many international issues that affect all financial institutions no matter how big and no matter how small.
BSA: Opening Deposit Accounts for High Risk Customers

This webinar will focus on how to conduct the new account interview to obtain the nature, purpose and transactional questions to surface our high-risk customers.
Build a No Excuses Sales Environment

Participate in this webinar if you need to drive more consistent sales growth.
Build Your Sales Team’s Success Formula

Develop a Sales Team Success Formula, the secret that all great sales managers have mastered.
Building an Effective IT Audit Program

This session will examine in more detail how the IT Audit Program integrates with the Information Security Program.
Building Beneficial Ownership Procedures

This program will have up to the minute information on Customer Due Diligence from the procedural side.
Bullet Proof Your Loan Portfolio

The goal of this course is to recognize the fundamentals of booking Real Estate Loans that can weather the periodic economic storms that will affect your market place.
Business Accounts: Advanced Issues

There are many types of business accounts with many different ways to do business at our financial institution's today. Understanding authority on the different types of business accounts may keep you from making mistakes that can be costly to your organization.
Business Accounts: CIP and Beneficial Ownership

This program will focus on building the process from different types of entities to different types of risk.
Business Development for All Responsible Parties

This online seminar teaches those charged with business development responsibilities the primary skills, thought processes and behaviors necessary to expand relationships.
Business Resolutions and Authorizations: How to Use Them to Protect Your Financial Institution

Learn more about the ins and outs of resolutions and authorizations.

Business Writing for Financial Professionals

This webinar provides a systematic, top-down approach to business-writing situations.
Calculating and Maintaining the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses

Present and Proposed Changes to the "ALLL".
Call Center Customer Service

This workshop is specifically designed to meet the demands and address the pressures of call center customer relationship management.
Call Center Representative Training

This webinar we will go over the unique skills a call center representative needs.

Call Report for Banks - Recent Changes, Highlights, and Pitfalls

The webinar will cover the latest revisions and recently approved changes to the call report, as well as updates due to revisions in accounting standards.
Call Report: Lending Schedules For Banks

Learn the classification priority for reporting loan information correctly.
Call Reports: RC-C Loan Coding and Related RC-R Reporting
Dates through 11/6/2018

Learn the classification priority for reporting loan information correctly.
Calling All Trainers: Engage Your Learner Start to Finish

Join one of the nation’s top-rated trainers for uncovering how to make training powerful, useful, practical, and engaging.
Can We Count on You? How to Excel on the Job!

Invest in excelling on the job, it’s your livelihood, your future and is your most important investment.
Cash Management: How To Generate More Fee Income

During this webinar, you will gain a more in-depth knowledge of Cash Management (aka Treasury Management) products and services.
CDD And The 5th Pillar

This two-hour program identifies which guidance has now become a regulatory requirement and needs to be addressed immediately.
Check Holds

This webinar focuses on Reg CC and Check Fraud.
CIP: What is Fact? What is Myth?

This webinar will go in depth and clear up any confusions concerning your financial institution's CIP Program.
Closing Deposit Accounts: 10 Critical Issues

Everything you need to know about closing deposit accounts.
Coaching & Confronting Sticky Situations

Are you ready to learn how to coach and confront sticky situations effectively? Help is here.
Coaching Pipeline Management

This one-hour webinar will help sales managers improve the focus of coaching as well as help your staff improve their skills.
Coaching Tellers to Excellence

This program will help you see how you can put coaching techniques into your leadership skills and get positive and meaningful results.
Commercial & Business Lending Basics For Support Personnel

This webinar is designed to take the "mystery" out of the commercial lending process and the confusing terminology often used by lenders.
Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Lending in Today’s Competitive Market

An overview of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) loan products including working capital lines of credit, ABL facilities, equipment financing and their typical structure.
Commercial Construction Lending

The goal of the program is to provide an overview to the risks, nuances and underwriting needed in the Construction lending arena.
Commercial Loan Agreements and Covenants

This program explores the key sections in a commercial loan agreement and the goals they help achieve.
Commercial Loan Applications

Join this fast-paced webinar to understand the application process with step by step instructions and actual examples that explain the requirements of several confusing regulations in terms that are easy to understand.
Commercial Loan Checklist

This colorful checklist, patterned after the popular Best-Ever Consumer Checklists, will guide bankers through those traps and help ensure compliance.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Lending In Today’s Economy

Attend this webinar to review the basics of “commercial real estate” including types of properties and demand/supply in the “current” market.
Commercial Real Estate Lending: Cash Flow Analysis And Cap Rates

Learn to assess the important qualitative or non-financial factors that influence CRE performance over time.

Commercial Real Estate Lending: Property Types, Lease Structures, And Other Non-Financial Risks

Learn to assess the important qualitative or non-financial factors that influence CRE performance over time.
Common Pitfalls Of ARM Disclosures

This program explains how to avoid problems when developing, maintaining and auditing ARM disclosures. The program explains the rules, reviews typical problems that occur, and provides steps to assure ongoing compliance.
Complaint Management: Training For The Frontline

This program will help you to understand UDAAP and prevent complaints being filed against your institution.
Compliance 101: Rules for Consumer & Mortgage Lenders

This session covers the regulations that lenders must follow and outlines most of the specific disclosure and timing requirements.
Compliance Aspects of the New Garnishment Guidelines

In this webinar, we'll discuss in detail the issues surrounding the rule, plus share valuable tips for effective compliance.
Compliance Issues From The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act

This two-hour long program focuses on the compliance aspects of the new EGRRCPA law, with particular emphasis on the provisions that were immediately effective or which are effective in the near future.
Compliance Management and Fair Lending Training for the Board of Directors

This session covers two topics that are usually "hot buttons" in exams: Compliance Management and Fair Lending.

Compliance Perspectives: A Monthly Update

A monthly webinar series to help you keep up with changes and deadlines in the compliance area.
Compliance Rules for Commercial Loans Secured by Real Estate

Attend this webinar to understand the application process and applicable regulations.
Conducting Financial Investigations - What Law Enforcement Needs To Know

This webinar will cover FinCEN and how law enforcement dismantles the financial infrastructures of criminal organizations.
Consumer Real Estate Loans

This webinar will be particularly helpful to bankers wanting to offer consumer real-estate loans for the first time.
Contingent Liabilities: Three Lines Of Defense For Lenders

This webinar reviews the various types of contingent liabilities and the three lines of defense.
Controlling the Risks of Power of Attorney Documents

Learn best practices to use when dealing with these complex legal documents.
Counseling the Consumer I - Home Purchase Transactions: What You Need to Know

This webinar course provides an overview to help retail branch personnel counsel their customers for mortgage financing in purchase transactions.
Counseling the Consumer II – Home Refinance Transactions: What You Need to Know

This webinar course provides an overview to help retail branch personnel counsel their customers for mortgage financing in refinance transactions.
Countdown to CDD Rules: Where Are You Now?

It’s time to implement new CDD rules for legal entities customers. Final rules go into effect on May 11th, 2018.
Countdown To FATCA: What It Means To Your Financial Institution

The Foreign Compliance Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will have far reaching implications for all financial institutions.
Courageous Coaching: How to Have Effective Discussions with Your Sales Team

Courageous Coaching is designed to help sales coaches develop the right attitude so that they can ask the tough questions that they must ask of their salespeople.
CRA - A Law or a Game

CRA is not a game, but like playing a game once the rules are mastered results are improved. This program explains the rules.
CRA Nuts & Bolts - Five Steps to Pass the Exam

Learn five steps to pass the exam - and much more.
CRE Appraisals: Appraisal Components, Approaches To Value And Cap Rates

Fundamental principles and features and CRE appraisals are covered.
CRE Appraisals: Regulations And The Review Process

This session will cover the key issues from the 2010 Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines and tips for integrating them into your existing policies.
Create a Sales Managed Environment

This one-hour webinar will help sales managers develop the critical skills needed to recruit, manage and motivate your sales force to increased levels of performance.
Creating A Customer Service Experience That Will Sell!

This dynamic program will help raise the bar for engaging and training new employees.

Creating Effective Anti-Harassment Policies and Process

This presentation covers the necessary ingredients of an effective harassment policy.
Creating The Right Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program For Your Community Bank

Learn the fundamental pieces of the ERM puzzle, how they relate to each other, and how to integrate your ERM program into your bank’s Strategic Plan.
Credit Stress Testing: Looking at Commercial Real Estate Risk

This seminar will review one method of reviewing a Commercial Real Estate Portfolio, Credit Stress Testing. By using variables, we can predict what changes might occur in a portfolio when the market changes.
Crimes Against Your Customer - Frontline Staff Training

We will look at the red flags and scenarios for Elder Abuse, Identity Theft, Business Email Compromise Schemes and Human Trafficking.
Critical Issues on Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

We'll examine current CD rules, procedures and ownership issues that may need to be revamped.
Cross Selling is Stewardship

Cross selling is really about the client and stewardship of their best interests.
CSI: Customer Service Intelligence

Using the latest knowledge about visual, and verbal clues, webinar attendees will be introduced to new methods of delivering great service.

Currency Transaction Reporting: Line by Line

Get familiar with the NEWEST version of the Currency Transaction Report (CTR), which is very different in style and approach than its predecessors.

Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL): How to Calculate and Maintain a Proper Allowance

This program is designed to review the elements and thought process in establishing and maintaining an adequate ALLL level under the new regulatory guidance referred to as CECL.
Customer Complaints & the CFPB

This webinar will help you create a process to improve customer service and to reduce future risk.
Customer Due Diligence & Beneficial Owners: Two Month Checkpoint

Join us for a webinar covering Customer Due Diligence & Beneficial Owners.
Customer Identification Program: Information, Identification and Verification Procedures
Customer Service Under the CFPB

We will explore what is good customer service in the age of the CFPB.
Cyber Security And FFIEC Expectations

Learn how to effectively enhance your institution-wide Information Security Program to address cyber security preparedness

Cybercrime and the Dark Web

We will explore the different aspects of the internet, including the surface web, deep web, and dark web.
D&O Insurance - What Is Covered And What Is Not

This session not only addresses the coverage provided by these unique insurance policies, but it also covers the enhancements that some insurers are willing to provide.
Dealing With Appraisals: Regulations And Requirements

Do you know the requirements? We'll go in-depth on the details of the appraisal and valuation process, from both the lender and appraiser side of the game, to provide a thorough understanding of what is required and what you have to have.
Dealing with Casual Days, Dress Codes and Work Appearance

This program will cover the practical and legal issues and the current trends in workplace appearance, and what you should and shouldn't do about it.
Dealing With Subpoenas, Summonses, Garnishments, Tax Levies, etc.

Learn how to deal effectively with these documents and the parties who serve them upon you.
Debt Collection Review & Update

This two-hour webinar explains the current FDCPA requirements, recent enforcement actions, and the direction of proposed changes.
Deposit Analysis For Today's Environment

In this session, we will examine how a bank might review its depositor composition.
Deposit Compliance: Frontline Deposit Regulations

This program fulfills many of your annual training requirements for your frontline!
Deposit Regulation Update and Review

This program is an update and review for those who are more advanced compliance and deposit operations personnel.
Developing A New Accounts Representative - Key Personal and Technical Skills

This webinar focuses on the compliance and technical skills your new accounts rep needs to be successful at his or her job.

Developing a Risk-Based Compliance Audit Program

This webinar will provide tools and guidance to help you successfully manage the compliance audit function.
Developing A Star Teller

This webinar focuses on the compliance and technical skills your teller needs to be successful at his or her job.

Developing A Strong Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment For Your ERM Program

This webinar will take you through a step-by-step process to develop Risk Assessments to address key areas of your institution.
Developing An Incident Response Plan For An Information Security Breach

We will cover the regulatory requirements including state level data breach notification laws and focus on the elements of an Incident Response Plan and how you can help prevent a breach.
Developing and Organizing an Effective Remote Deposit Capture Program

We'll outline the detailed information you should add to your documents and processes to support a thorough due diligence, risk assessment, and annual oversight of your customers.
Digital Marketing: Deep Dive

This presentation will be a deep dive into digital marketing geared towards people who have responsibility over marketing initiatives.
Do's and Don'ts of Signature Card Contracts

These do’s and don’ts may save your financial institution thousands of dollars in the future.
Do's and Don'ts on Working with Caregivers and Fiduciaries

We'll review the general "Do's and Don'ts" for working with powers of attorney, guardianships, trustees, and designated payees for government benefits.
Do's And Dont's For Social Security And VA Accounts

This webinar will cover the accounts that receive government benefits, such as social security and veterans accounts.
E-Sign Compliance

What steps must be followed to be in compliance with E-Sign?

Early Warning Signs of Problem Loans

The purpose of this course is to assist bankers in recognizing the early warning signs of a deteriorating loan.
EFT - Dissecting The Regulation E, VISA And MasterCard Error Resolution Requirements

This session will explain which law applies and the financial institution's liability under various types of paper and electronic transactions.
Email Security - Oops, You Clicked; Now What?

This session will address both preventive methods against social engineering and response techniques to reduce overall risk to your institution.

Employment Records and How to Keep Them

This program provides information on what records you should keep, for how long, the issues of record creation, storage, and the DON'Ts which create major liabilities.

Endorsements - Consumers, Businesses And Fiduciaries

This program will look at who has the right to endorse the back of the check and where is proper endorsement placement. Learn the safe way to handle checks and be sure that you and your financial institution can be protected from loss on the negotiable instruments.
Endorsements on Fiduciaries, Trusts, Estates, and Business Accounts: Who is Authorized to Negotiate

The questions of who can endorse these types of checks and how they should be endorsed will be addressed in this informative program.
Entering The World Of Consumer Lending - Part 1

We'll start with the philosophy of consumer lending and go all the way through how to make a loan decision that benefits both the customer and the bank.

Entering The World Of Consumer Lending - Part 2

We'll start with the philosophy of consumer lending and go all the way through how to make a loan decision that benefits both the customer and the bank.

Entering The World Of Consumer Lending - Part 3

This webinar takes participants from the philosophy of consumer lending, all the way through how to make a solid loan decision that benefits both the customer and the bank.

Enterprise-Wide Information Security Risk Assessments 101

This presentation will provide an approach for developing an enterprise-wide information security risk assessment and a framework that can be adapted to the other numerous risk assessments now required.
Equipment Lease Financing

This webinar focuses on the many aspects of equipment lease financing, from structure and documentation to monitoring and administration.
Escrow Accounts Compliance

This webinar will cover the latest requirements, guidance, best practices and compliance hot spots.
Escrow Rules - 2017 Review and Update

This webinar covers all of the escrow rules, including the long standing and the recently revised requirements of the flood regulations, Regulation X and Regulation Z.

In this webinar we’ll discuss the mechanics of establishing and maintaining escrow accounts, as well as in what situations escrows must be maintained.
Essential Teller Issues

The most popular and highest rated teller seminar in the country!
Establishing An Enterprise Risk Management Program

We will discuss topics which are intended to help institutions move their ERM program forward.
Excel Explained: Building Error-Proof Spreadsheets

In this comprehensive session, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, shares a variety of tricks and techniques you can use to improve the accuracy of your Excel spreadsheets.
Excel Explained: Charts

In this session Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA shares numerous techniques that you can use to work with charts more efficiently.
Excel Explained: Creating Interactive Spreadsheets

When you attend this live presentation, you’ll learn how to implement multiple techniques to create spreadsheets that are interactive, accurate, and user friendly.
Excel Explained: Excel for iPad

After this session you'll have a good sense of what you can do with Excel for iPad.
Excel Explained: Filtering and Formatting Data

In this helpful session, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, shares various ways you can streamline filtering tasks.
Excel Explained: Internal Control

Learn how to implement internal control features in Excel spreadsheets.
Excel Explained: Introduction to Spreadsheets

This presentation is designed for those who haven’t worked with Excel spreadsheets before or who haven’t used them in a few years.

Excel Explained: Look-Up Formulas

In this webinar, we introduce the VLOOKUP function, and then quickly go beyond the basics.
Excel Explained: Managing Large Spreadsheets

Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, demonstrates a number of ways you can manage large spreadsheets with aplomb.

Excel Explained: Pivot Tables

Learn the basics of Excel pivot tables to easily create reports from complex data. Leave with detailed handouts for reference.

Excelling at Coaching Performance

Invest in success and enroll today in this dynamic and highly motivating workshop.
FACTA Sections 311 Risk Based Pricing & 312 Accuracy & Integrity: There is still time to be Exam Ready!

This webinar will review the key points/components of Sections 311 and 312 and what we believe the examiners are going to be looking for in the process.
Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance – Ten Critical Issues

Learn 10 issues to address in an effective FCRA compliance program.

Fair Lending - Do Your Lenders Know the Requirements?

This information packed seminar provides a refresher on the basic concepts of fair lending.
Fair Lending and Reg B For The Frontline

Every customer contact employee needs to understand the basic requirements of Regulation B.
Fair Lending And The CFPB in Underwriting, Servicing & Collections

Do you know what changes the CFPB has brought to Fair Lending?
Fair Lending Risk Assessment

One of the primary goals of a fair lending risk assessments is to mitigate the risk of a regulator referral to the DOJ.
FDIC INTREx Work Program

Not only is the FDIC changing things up, the Federal Reserve is also using a form of INTREx as well as many of the Conference of State Banking Supervisors.
FDIC Rolls Out New IT Examination Work Program

Not only is the FDIC changing things up, but word on the street is the Federal Reserve and Conference of State Banking Supervisors (CSBS) will follow suit.

Federal Benefit Payments Garnishment Requirements

The final rule not only supersedes state laws pertaining to how financial institutions process garnishments, but also applies to state tax levies and warrants.
FFIEC Cyber Compliance Update

A solid understanding of all the cybersecurity related guidance is key in ensuring as aspects of cybersecurity compliance are being addressed.
FFIEC Guidance on Employees' Use of Social Media

The FFIEC released guidance on social media risk management that was intended in part to help financial institutions successfully manage the potential risks with social media. Become familiar with this important new guidance.

FFIEC Information Security Handbook Review

The FFEIC has completely re-written and significantly changed the Information Security Handbook.
FFIEC Mobile Services Guidance Review

We will discuss the expectations within the FFIEC Retail Payments Booklet.
Financial Forecasting to Determine Repayment Capability on Long Term Loans

Learn skills to develop Financial Forecasts and Cash Budgets.

First Impressions - New Customer Onboarding Strategies

This session will provide an overview of effective techniques and strategies on how to build a new retail checking customer onboarding program.
Flood Insurance Compliance Hot Spots

Learn about flood insurance compliance hot spots.
Flood Insurance Training: It's No Longer Optional

Attend this session to help train your staff to understand the rules of coverage, the root causes for common violations, and much more.
Flood Insurance: Compliance Issues

We'll concentrate on some of the more vexing issues in flood compliance by explaining best practices in keeping your portfolio covered.
For Bank Managers, Trainers & RMs: How to Create, Cultivate and Convert More Banking Sales Leads

Help your sales team learn how to attract and connect with today's banking clients by attending this live broadcast on Creating, Cultivating and Converting Sales Leads.
For Bank Managers: How to Hire Bankers Who Will Sell

A big problem many financial institutions face is finding bankers who are also successful sales people. This webinar will help.

For Bankers, LOB Leaders and Sales Executives: The Guide to Building Your Business Work Plan for 2018

This one-hour webinar will help sales managers develop the critical skills needed to recruit, manage and motivate your sales force to increased levels of performance.
For Sales Leaders: Are Your Salespeople Prepared for that Important Call?

The only way to execute a great sales call is to prepare in advance as well as role play the call, assimilating what could occur as closely as possible.
For Sales Leaders: Motivate Your Sales Team

One of the most challenging aspects of every sales manager's job is determining what motivates their sales people to drive to their next level of achievement.
For Sales Leaders: 5 Keys to a High Performing Sales Team

That's where the 5 Keys to a High Performing Sales Team comes in. It is purposely designed to help you understand and overcome what limits sales teams.

For Sales Managers: Why Aren’t Your Bankers Selling?

Remove roadblocks that get in the way of success.
For Sales People: Qualifying: Are They Really a Prospect?

This one-hour webinar will help sales managers improve the focus of coaching as well as help your staff improve their skills.
For Sales People: Cross Selling and Building Advocates

There is a very important process to follow in order to cross sell and develop advocates. This webinar will help you create a foundation to do just that.

For Sales People: Make That First Call Count

What you say on that first call and more critically, how you handle that first meeting will largely determine if you close the sale.
For Sales People: Removing Obstacles in the Way of Your Success

Knowing how to identify obstacles to success and adjust your mindset and sales approach is the key to achieving your sales revenue goals.

For Salespeople: Grow Your Business with Introductions!

This webinar will show you a unique process you can adopt immediately to get comfortable with how and when to ask your best clients for introductions.
Fraud Detection And Investigation

Learn the importance of a proper investigation, how to conduct one and how to accomplish an interview.
Fraud Protection - Don't Depend on Others (Your Customers) to Avoid Losses

In this webinar you will learn why depending on your customers may be a loser for everyone involved when sophisticated online predators target these customers.
Fraudulent Cashier's Checks

In this webinar, you'll learn how to minimize fraudulent Cashier's Checks for your financial institution.
Frontline Fundamentals

This webinar will heighten awareness, teach techniques and provide information concerning selling, service delivery and compliance follow-through.
Game Plan to Pass Your Next Fair Lending Exam – Ten Steps for Success

Get practical guidance to develop and maintain a risk-based compliance management program, and successfully manage the exam.

Games Trainers Play

This special train-the-trainer webinar will show you how to incorporate tips, techniques, and training games to enhance learning, increase participation, and make meetings and training sessions more fun.
Getting Along With the Hard to Get Along With

This program will provide you with excellent coaching tactics on dealing with the challenging people issues that frequent the workplace.
Growing Your HELOC Portfolio

This data-driven session will outline how a complete system of activities can help your financial institution dramatically grow consumer loan volume.
Handling Accounts, Checks and IRS Reporting at Death

Learn about checks, IRAs, deposit ownership, trusts, UTMA, affidavits of heirship and other complex issues that can occur when a customer dies.
Handling Loan Applications - What Can Go Wrong?

Join this fast-paced webinar to understand the application process with step-by-step instructions and actual examples.
Handling Social Security Representative Payee Accounts

Learn about this important topic in detail to help prevent your institution from making costly errors in the account opening process. This webinar is designed for new account representatives and their managers.
Health Savings Accounts

Whether you now offer HSAs or are thinking about offering HSAs, get the information you need to set up accounts correctly and perform proper maintenance and reporting.

We’ll discuss the current state of HMDA in this session and get some of your questions answered.
HMDA 2018 Challenges With Taking Commercial Applications

Attend this session and learn more about application processing for commercial loans under the new rules and gain valuable tips that will help your bank prepare for 2018.
HMDA Checkup

This webinar will focus on the current requirement, plus give you an overview of coverage requirements effective 1/1/2017 and 1/1/2018.

HMDA Data Collection & Reporting Requirements for 2018

We'll cover the upcoming HMDA changes and deliver plain English interpretations and guidance.
Home Equity Lines of Credit

Get a great overview of all the aspects of HELOC.
Honest Appraisal: Keys to Effective Performance Reviews

Rewarding stellar employees and coaching struggling employees are critical parts of a supervisor’s role. The financial institutions that excel are ones where employees are held accountable for their performance.
How CEOs Can Maintain a Competitive Edge: The Importance of Integrating Stress Testing, Strategic Planning, CECL and M&A

This session will educate attendees about the best way to get ready for CECL that will help them maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.
How Loans Get Repaid: Cashflow, Collateral, and Personal Guarantees

This program will explore three means of getting repaid and identify the challenges that lenders face in each scenario.
How To Analyze A Start-Up Business

This program will emphasize how to properly review business plans and other information that is generated by start-up business ventures and what questions to ask of business owners, in both financial and non-financial topic areas.

How to Analyze Fair Lending Compliance: Practical Tools

Your HMDA-LAR data is the ground floor of a fair lending examination. This program explores ways to use HMDA data in various types of analysis's.
How to Analyze the Purchase of an Existing Business
How to Analyze the Purchase of an Existing Business

Lenders will gain a greater understanding and comfort level with the methodologies to use when analyzing these types of borrowing requests.
How To Avoid Signature Card Mishaps

Learn how to avoid signature card mishaps in this informative program.
How to Build Relationships, Quickly

Learn about how to understand and build relationships quickly with different personality types.
How To Handle Cashier’s Checks

25 Common Questions and Answers
How to Handle Sticky Customer Service Situations

This webinar will reveal how sticky situations can actually be opportunities in disguise.
How to Improve Your Disaster Recovery Plan and Avoid a Disastrous Recovery

This webinar will help your organization develop a plan for success in the face of any disaster.
How to Leverage Your Community Relations Initiatives

This session will provide an overview of effective techniques and strategies on how to build a proactive community relations plan that will ensure that you're getting the biggest bang for your community relations buck while building your brand and increasing your exposure in the market place.
How to Prepare For, Manage, and Pass Your BSA Exam

Although not an easy task, every institution works hard toward passing their BSA exam.
How To Protect Against Debit and Credit Card Fraud

In this webinar, you'll learn how to minimize Debit and Credit Card Fraud for your financial institution.
How to Sell in Any Banking Market

Gain a strong, healthy perspective and provide a process for selling - regardless of the market.

Identifying and Combating ATM Skimming

This session will take a comprehensive look at ATM Skimming and how it is affecting the banking industry and law enforcement.
Improving Employee Performance in Everyday Work Situations & Reviews

Learn how to give employees feedback to gain their cooperation to improve performance.
Improving Your Sales Ability on the Frontline

Aimed at the frontline staff, this program teaches participants how to excel at cross-selling and referrals while making the customer feel cared for.
Incident Response - Plan to Fail Well

Core steps required for most incidents will be highlighted and specialized components for DDOS, malware, CATO, and unauthorized access incident types will be explained.
Incident Response and Forensics

In this session we will explore possible threats that we should be prepared for and how to build a program to protect against them.
Increase Your Safe Deposit Box Income

Top 10 ways to increase profits & reduce expenses – 2011 Update
Increasing Fee Income without Raising Fees

Walk away with strategies to enhance your fee revenue and keep your most profitable customers longer.
Information Security Program Basics: Create And Build Your Program

Explore the fundamental building blocks of a repeatable framework for cybersecurity and information security issues.
Introduction to ACH: The Basics

The ACH Basics and Overview is designed as an introduction to ACH processing.
Introduction to Compliance Risk Assessments

We will address all three main categories - "Board and Management Oversight", "Compliance Program" and "Violations of Law and Consumer Harm" - along with each of those categories 19 subcomponents.
Introduction to Consumer Lending

Learn a “five-step” analysis plan that will clarify and “unify” this often confusing financial subject.
Introduction to Financial Planning Products

This introduction will review products, characteristics, risk and potential return of investment vehicles.
Introduction To Internal Audit

This program will discuss the changing role of internal audit and how internal audit may add value in today’s complex banking environment.
Introduction to Residential Mortgage Underwriting

In the current business climate, sound underwriting practices are critical, and this class is an excellent overview to the underwriting step.
IRA Audit and Compliance

If you do not want your financial institution writing checks to the IRS for filing errors, this Webinar should be a “must attend”!!

IRA Beneficiaries and Distributions

If you are searching for a Webinar where you will achieve that higher “comfort level” on these complicated topics, this seminar is “must-attend”.

IRA Update and Review

We'll update you on any of the latest legislation, pending legislation and cost of living adjustments available for 2018.
IRAs: Beyond the Basics - Rollovers and Transfers

Learn about important recent changes to the world of IRA Rollovers.

IRAs: Intermediate

Learn about important recent changes to the world of IRA Rollovers.

IRAs: The Basics - Plan Types and Forms

If you want to "jump start" your IRA knowledge base, this two-hour Webinar is a good place to begin.
IRAs: The Basics Simplified
Dates through 10/18/2018

If you want to "jump start" your IRA knowledge base, this two hour webinar is a great place to begin.
IRS Information Reporting: Rules and Forms

Learn about the many forms financial institutions must report, with an emphasis on when and exactly what to report.

Is Your Environmental Risk Management Program Working for You?

Learn how to ensure your ERM is helping you identify the right ERM tools to manage and mitigate risk.
IT Examination Hotspots and Examination Focus

This webinar will focus primarily on the risks relating to social networking, cloud computing, and mobile banking, capture, and payments as well as suggest controls for mitigating the risks to help you be better prepared for your next examination.
It's Time to Humanize the Digital Banking Experience

Attend this webinar to explore the humanized digital economy and how the changing competitive landscape will impact banks.
Key Ratio Analysis: Calculating And Interpreting The Numbers Correctly!

Learn a five-step analysis plan that will clarify and unify this often confusing financial subject.
Lead Generation Using Content Marketing and Marketing Automation

This webinar will offer our latest insight on ways banks can use the process of content marketing combined with the power of marketing automation.
Lead The Way At Your Branch

A positive, real-world approach for delivering extraordinary results as you lead your branch!

Leading Yourself and Others through Change

This workshop will provide several techniques for handling the change and leading your staff successfully through it.
Legal Essentials For Lenders
Dates through 11/7/2018

This program covers important legal issues and concepts which must be understood and consistently applied to avoid litigation and better serve customers.
Legal Issues of Checks

Learn about many legal aspects of checks, and the compliance issues of Reg CC and BSA. This webinar will serve as the annual training requirement for both these regulations.
Legal Liabilities When Check Fraud Occurs

Learn best practices for spotting and stopping fraud losses.
Lending 101

We'll summarize the nuts and bolts of the federal lending requirements.
Lending Compliance: 2016 Year-End Wrap Up And A Look At 2017

Attend this session and learn what’s new, what’s old, and what’s next?

Lending to Churches and Other Religious Organizations

This course will cover the major church lending risks and discusses how a financial institutions can prudently manage these risks by exposing participants to the appropriate methods of analyzing and lending to Religious Organizations.
Lending To Local Government Units

Learn the major credit factors to examine to predict the repayment capability of a municipality or other governmental unit.

Lending to Non-Profit Organizations

This course is designed to introduce participants to the various types of NPOs and present appropriate methods of analyzing and lending to these types of entities.
Letters of Credit

Whether your bank issues letters of credit, accepts letters of credit or takes liens on letter of credit rights, this program is for you.
Lie Detection for Bankers

This webinar will train participants to spot a lie. Using new techniques of interpreting microfacial expressions and body language, attendees will be able to discover lies, and react accordingly.
Limited Liability Companies: Do's and Don'ts

Learn how to open, document, change signers and handle the paperwork on these interesting accounts.
Living Trust Documents

This two hour presentation is designed to provide financial institution personnel with the best practices that can be used in dealing with these complex legal documents.
Loan Denials & Other Adverse Action Notices

This webinar will cover the compliance requirements and best practices for Adverse Action Notices under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
Loan Documentation 101: Basic Secured Loan Documentation

Learn about basic loan documentation principles and practices under Revised Article 9 for collateral.
Loan Documentation: Top 10 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Learn the "right thing to do" and avoid frequent exceptions and mistakes.
Loan Origination

This webinar is designed to share marketing ideas specifically designed for loan originators, to help them better promote themselves, their products and their company.
Loan Participations For Community Banks: Risks & Rewards

Gain a thorough understanding of Participation Agreements.
Loan Participations: What You Should Know

Learn the basic requirements for successful loan participations or syndications.

Loan Structure, Documentation, And Compliance

Attend this proactive seminar and receive a thorough overview of commercial lending requirements from a loan structure, documentation, and compliance perspective.
Loan Underwriting Mistakes

This seminar focuses on common underwriting mistakes that can ultimately lead to problem loans and loan losses.
Making The Transition: Consumer Lender To Commercial Lender

This webinar is designed for those thinking of making the transition from one lending area to the other.
Managing a Highly Successful Branch

This webinar will help you in building a business plan for your branch, managing difficult employee symptoms, and best practices.
Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

This webinar will provide information that assists managers in coaching and communicating with each of the generations in order to maximize productivity.
Managing a Successful Call Center

This webinar is intended to assist Call Center Managers in ensuring they have well-trained agents in the Call Center who execute their responsibilities and duties effectively.
Managing Meetings and Presentations

This webinar provides a systematic approach to preparing for, leading, presenting during, and following up on meetings.
Managing Multiple Banking Projects and Priorities

Learn time management tricks that are vital to your mental survival and work productivity.
Managing New Technologies BSA/AML RISKS: Prepaid Cards, Remote Deposit Capture, Family Cards
Mapping Multi-Tiered Business Accounts

We will develop a system of thought and procedure to assist you in tackling complicated companies and keep you in compliance with your back of the house operations.
Marketing for Mortgage Originators

This webinar is designed to share marketing ideas specifically designed for loan originators, to help them better promote themselves, their products and their company.
Masterful Time Management

This webinar will equip you with the tools and tips to getting things done effectively and efficiently, and resolving time-eroding issues as they pop up.
Mobile Banking - Regulatory and Security Issues

Using a mobile device to conduct banking and payment transactions anytime from anywhere is what your customers want.
Mobile Banking Risks & Rewards: Meeting Strategic Goals While Addressing Regulator Expectations

This session will discuss the benefits of mobile banking as well as the regulatory risks and how to control them.
Mobile Financial Services

In this webinar, the speaker will provide an overview of current mobile landscape, the risks and security considerations, explore controls to mitigate and manage the risks, and explore audit and examination considerations.
Morale and Motivation for Supervisors: Keeping the Team Enthused About Their Job

This workshop will teach you how to foster and sustain high employee morale and generate positive employee motivation.
Mortgage Compliance: Reg. Z, RESPA, Flood, Fair Lending, and UDAAP

Update on 2014 Rules (Reg. Z, RESPA, Flood, Fair Lending, and UDAAP) and Looking Forward to 2015 Implementation
Mortgage Foreclosure And Loan Collection

This webinar will assist banking professionals in understanding the civil litigation process as it relates to mortgage foreclosures.
Mortgage Lending in the World of Reg Reform – What’s the Current Status?

In this session, we cover the definition of the ownership boxes for consumer and trust accounts including: titles, ownership, TIN and authorized signers for that ownership and death payouts.
Mortgage Lending Now and in the Near Future
Mortgage Loan Originator Required Training Series - Part 3

Learn how to prove compliance with the Regulation Z training requirement in 2015
Mortgage Origination Compliance: Part 1

In Part 1 of this 2-part webinar, we'll discuss all the relevant requirements and considerations in the origination process.
Mortgage Origination Compliance: Part 2

In Part 2 of this 2-part webinar, we'll discuss all the relevant requirements and considerations in the origination process.
Mortgage Servicing Compliance Including Newly Released CFPB Rules

We'll focus on critical areas, and provide practical advice on how to meet both regulatory and borrower expectations.
Motivating & Managing The Teller Line

This fast-paced, all inclusive workshop covers every aspect of succeeding at leading the tellers to excellence.
Nailing Your Job of Head Teller

This highly motivating workshop continues to evolve as the premier teller workshop.
Names and TINs: 15 Reasons They May Not Match

Learn 15 reasons your customers' names may not match and how to avoid costly penalties and lots of back of the house work.
Navigating the Training Process – Part One

Twenty steps to stellar professional development results.
Navigating the Training Process – Part Two

Twenty steps to stellar professional development results.
New BSA Officer Training

We will help you set up a framework to begin your new job and organize the sections of the BSA exam manual and law so you will know how to begin.
New Consumer Lending Compliance Requirements in the Hyperactive Regulatory Environment - Where Do We Stand?

Make sure you understand the changes and know the regulators' hot button issues.
New Federal Rules To Protect Students And Help Borrowers

New Federal rules regarding student debit and credit cards/bank accounts have been issued. This webinar provides an overview of these rules and covers the impact to financial institutions.
New FinCEN Rules For Customer Due Diligence

Final rules were issued by FinCEN on May 11th. This webinar covers the nuts and bolts of the new regulation and what it will mean to legal entity customers.

New HMDA Rules And Requirements

Are you ready? The world of HMDA is changing in a dramatic fashion in just a few weeks!

New Reg Z and RESPA Rules: How Will They Impact Your Mortgage Operations?

This session will serve as a review of the major trouble points encountered by mortgage lenders, as well as an update on things heard from mortgage lenders and regulators alike.
New Reg Z and RESPA Rules: How Will They Impact Your Mortgage Operations?

This session will serve as a review of the major trouble points encountered by mortgage lenders, as well as an update on things heard from mortgage lenders and regulators alike.
New Release: FFIEC IT Management Handbook

In Nov. 2015 the FFIEC released a new IT Management Handbook outlining principles for IT governance and explaining how IT risk management relates to enterprise-wide risk management and governance.

Notary Public

Notaries and others will learn best practices for dealing with issues unique to the financial industry.
Notary Public: Specific to New York State

Are you preparing to take the Notary Public Licensing Exam or interested in learning more about becoming a Notary Public?
Officer Calling: Prospecting, Preparing, & Presentation

Learn practical ideas for enhancing your calling process by focusing on every aspect from preparing for the call to handling objections, to closing the sale and retaining your customer.

Onboarding Your New Hire

Learn how to excel at new employee onboarding.
Online Deposit Account Opening

How to comply with all the new account opening procedures using the online mechanism, and meet examiner expectations and scrutiny.
op 15 Issues With The New HMDA Rules

This two-hour webinar provides insight into the muddy areas of HMDA which may result in erroneous data fields on the HMDA LAR and lead to violations.
Open-Ended Lines Of Credit - Compliance Issues

This webinar will focus on the personal/overdraft lines and HELOC requirements.
Opening Accounts for Non Profit Organizations

This program will address how to set up "non government organization" accounts, style the checks, pay the bills, and much more.

Opening Accounts for Nonresident Aliens - CIP, CDD and the W-8BEN

This issue is a Bank Secrecy Act exam "hot spot" with the regulators as nonresident alien accounts are considered to be high risk.
Opening Deposit Accounts for Nonresident Aliens - Changes on the W-8BEN

During this program we will review the W-8BEN and the 1042S reporting in light of new rules. We will also cover CIP and Due Diligence for nonresident alien customers.
Opening Deposit Accounts: Types of ID

In this program, we will look at the good, the bad and the ugly forms of identification.

Opening Fiduciary Accounts: Trusts, POAs, Estates, Guardianships and More

We'll walk through POAs, custodians, representative payees, court ordered accounts, trustees and bankruptcy, plus look at paperwork and duties of each person to understand your responsibilities.

Opening Minor Accounts

Learn how to answer your adult accountholders' questions on how to set up accounts for grandchildren, for college, and other reasons to set up minor accounts.

Opening New Accounts: Business Accounts

In this two hour Webinar, we will investigate the types of business entities available in most states and who that "authority" person is to open the account and sign the resolutions.
Opening New Accounts: Trust and Fiduciary Accounts

We will discuss the responsibilities of collecting the correct documentation, titling the account correctly, choosing the correct ownership and allowing proper access to the account.
Opening New Personal/Consumer Accounts

This two-hour workshop focuses on the new account opening procedures and compliance requirements for Personal and Consumer Accounts.
Organizing an Effective Remote Deposit Capture Compliance Program

Do you want to have successful Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) audits and exams...each and every time? If so, join us for this informative two hour Webinar.
Outsourced Third Party Risk Management - Vendor Management

What you need to know for an effective outsourced third party risk management program (Vendor Management).
Overcoming Negativity on the Frontline

A workshop designed to aid in building right attitudes and choices on the front-line.
Overdraft Fees: New Impact for Financial Institutions

This session will give participants a thorough understanding of the differences between the various overdraft protection products available, and how recent regulatory actions impact the offering of these products to your customers.
Overdraft Privilege - 10 Hot Spots

This program focuses on the key regulations and guidance that impact your program.
Overdraft Protection Programs

Learn about regulatory expectations for Overdraft Protection Programs.
Personal Accounts: 25 Customer Questions And Answers

Everything you need to know about personal accounts.
Power of Attorney & Living Trust Documents

This two hour presentation is designed to provide financial institution personnel with the legal and compliance guidance they need to know in order to work with these complex legal documents.
Prepaid Accounts - The New Rule

This two-hour webinar will address all requirements of the new rule which primarily becomes effective on October 1, 2017.
Preparing a New Manager for Success

This webinar will help you understand and learn how to elevate the skills needed to build high morale, exceptional customer service and cross-selling ratios that have a positive impact on the bottom line.
Preparing for a Compliance and CRA Exam

This webinar will provide tools and guidance to help you successfully manage the exam.
Preventing Lending Compliance Mistakes

We'll discuss everything from Regulation AA to Z and provide practical tips to help your lending staff work "smarter" and not harder.
Protecting Against ATM Cashout Scams

Learn how to properly integrate ATM security into your risk assessment program.
Protecting Your Salaried-Exempt Status

Learn how to avoid mistakes and land mines under the new Department of Labor FLSA rule.
Protecting Your Vital Business Interests - The Value of SSN Verification with Absolute Personal Identifier Validation

This webinar will educate the attendee on current schemes used by applicants of all types, unauthorized workers, and other identity theft perpetrators.
Providing Accurate and Timely Adverse Action Notices

This session will improve your staff's understanding of credit scores and critical compliance points in order to build a better loan portfolio.
Ransomware And Cyber Extortion

Ransomware and Cyber Extortion cases are on the rise, with over a billion dollars in losses. With this training, we will give teach institution a useful set of skills.
Ratio Analysis To Determine Financial Strength

The purpose of this course is to expose the participant to the five vital signs of any organization and the required ratios to identify them.
Reading & Understanding Consumer Credit Reports: EQUIFAX

In this Informative session we will review EQUIFAX Credit Reports, the different file formats, and specific add-on products available that might make your life easier.
Reading & Understanding Consumer Credit Reports: EXPERIAN

In this Informative session we will review EXPERIAN Credit Reports, the different file formats, and specific add-on products available that might make your life easier.
Reading & Understanding Consumer Credit Reports: TRANS UNION

In this Informative session we will review TRANS UNION Credit Reports, the different file formats, and specific add-on products available that might make your life easier.
Reading Credit Reports, Preventing Application Fraud, Credit Scores, and Compliance, Compliance, Compliance!

We will cover the Big 3's (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) data and look at the good, the bad and the ugly of each. Learn what you can do to uncover inaccurate information before you and your institution become the victim.

Real Estate Law for Bankers

Learn basic real property law concepts encountered frequently by bankers.
Real Estate Loan Workouts, Forbearance, Foreclosures, Short Sales and Deficiency Judgments

Understanding these topics will provide a financial institution the tools to maximize recovery and limit risk.

Records Management and Retention: Can a Program be Comprehensive and Efficient at the Same Time?

Records management is the point of convergence of these resources, which is why effective and reliable records management must be part of your Compliance Program.
Reg E Compliance – Five Best Practices for Handling Disputes

Will your financial institution experience more debit card fraud investigation in 2016? Learn steps for handling disputes, plus time frames for resolving unauthorized transaction claims.

Reg E Update: Electronic Transactions, Overdraft Fees, And The Electronic Funds Transfer Act

Make sure to attend this important webinar to learn more about the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and Regulation E.
Reg. Z Status Check: Recent Changes, Plus Coming Dodd-Frank Changes

This session is an in-depth discussion of Regulation Z, where we will examine the details, including a focus on often-violated parts of the rule.
Regulation By Enforcement

This program reviews many of the recent consent orders dealing with compliance-related matters.
Regulation CC - Check Holds

Key questions will be addressed in this informative and easy to follow program for the frontline. You'll need a copy of your hold form and Regulation CC disclosure for this program.

Regulation DD (Truth in Savings): Common Errors

A comprehensive review of Truth In Savings and all the errors that can cause a financial institution to have a UDAAP issue or issues.
Regulation E Error Resolutions and Disputes

This two-hour webinar will dissect the Regulation E and VISA and MasterCard error resolution requirements.
Regulation E Final Changes on Prepaid Cards

This program will review this new interagency guidance for financial institutions from start to finish. Plus we will review other BSA issues on Prepaid Cards including Money Services Business (MSB) registration and examination issues for a high risk product.
Regulation E Foreign Remittances: The Final Implementation

Tick, tock the Regulation E Subpart B clock is ticking. Are you ready?
Regulations X and Z - 2017 Revised Servicing Rules

This program reviews many of the recent consent orders dealing with compliance-related matters.
Regulatory Compliance for the Frontline

This program fulfills many of your annual training requirements for your frontline!
Regulatory Pressure on Third Party Management

We will explore best practices for Vendor Management, Third Party Risk Management, and Customer Risk Management.
Remote Deposit Capture: Customer Due Diligence FFIEC Tier II Exam Considerations Plus Mobile Capture!

The webinar outlines detailed information you may consider adding to your documents and processes to support thorough due diligence of your customers.
Renewed Emphasis on Marketing & Advertising Compliance in a World of UDAP/UDAAP Enforcement

As the compliance environment changes and becomes more complex, you have to stay on top of all the rules and regulations. This session can help.

Reporting Your Credit Data, E-OSCAR, METRO2, FCRA/FACTA & CFPB Compliance

We will review Federal requirements of the NEW E-OSCAR, and using METRO-2 format when reporting.
Residential Construction Lending

Many problems can occur during construction that can leave lenders highly exposed unless they are unwritten properly. Understanding the risks in this type of lending is paramount for bankers. This course is designed to provide fundamental and proven techniques to minimize these risks.
Reverse Mortgages

This webinar looks at the basic structure of Reverse Mortgages, and highlights the benefits and challenges of these products.

Right of Rescission - Review and Update

This two-hour program explains all of the rescission rules. It provides easy to understand answers to questions. and it provides a system to assure compliance.
Right of Setoff

The risks of using the "Right of Setoff" process incorrectly can be costly to your financial institution. Learn how to use this process correctly.

Robbery Awareness

This program will cover all the necessary steps your staff needs to sustain a safe workplace in your financial institution.
Robbery Prevention & Response

In this session, we will discuss methods of robbery prevention, including policies and physical security, as well as robbery response.
Robbery Prevention: A Peril the Digital World Hasn't Eliminated

Join us for this year's innovative program to learn proactive steps you can take to address the peril of robbery in ways you have never thought of.
Role of the Information Security Officer

When it comes to information and cyber security the responsibility falls at several levels including the Board of Directors and Senior Management.
Roth IRA's and Conversion Roths

If you are looking at sorting out the "facts" from “fiction” regarding Roth IRAs, this is a must attend one hour Webinar!
Safe Deposit

This webinar will provide clear concise answers to the "Most Frequently Asked" questions regarding your institution’s safe deposit box responsibility and potential liability.
Safe Deposit Box

Get a realistic and well-organized method of reviewing and auditing your procedures before a catastrophe occurs.
Safe Deposit Box Employee Compliance Certification Program

This 4-part webinar is designed to provide your staff with overall knowledge of how to establish correct day-to-day operating procedures and comply with safe deposit box regulations.
Safe Deposit Boxes - 40 Million Reasons to Follow Proper Procedures

Liability Issues Presentation - 2014 Update
Safe Deposit Regulatory Compliance & Legal Issues

Answers the most frequently asked legal questions.
Sales Series: Coach the Post Call Debrief

A disciplined process for post-call debriefs will help you uncover the real story behind your team's pipeline, and with your coaching, will also help your salespeople become better at qualifying, hence improving results.

Sales Series: Developing Centers of Influence

This sales course will help you understand the basic benefits and fundamentals of developing centers of influence.

Sales Series: Precision Coaching

Walt Gerano will help participants understand the fundamental shift in thinking that must occur to earn the followership of your team.

SAR Decision Making

Electronic filing of suspicious activity first came into being in March of 2012, and is here to stay.
Scripting The New Account Interview For Compliance

During this program we will develop scripts with different options for both personal and business accounts.
Secured Transactions

This webinar will provide bankers with a clear understanding of Article 9's key rules.
Security Officer Training

We will review the best practices for the financial institutions security officer as well as those things the security officer should never implement.
Servicemember Issues: The Military Lending Act, SCRA, and How to be Ready

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) is the most well-known. But there are other considerations, such as fair lending and even UDAAP.
Seven Habits of Effective Credit Administration in Commercial Banks

This course will address the factors you need to know to make a positive difference in the credit administration at your bank.
Sexual Harassment - Establishing a Respectful Workplace

This program brings understanding of employees' responsibilities toward each other and covers how to effectively address and resolve issues.
Signature Card Danger Zones

This is a “must attend” webinar to learn about risks, liability and losses that can occur due to signature card contracts and, most importantly, how to avoid these issues!

Signature Cards and Account Agreements: Understanding Account Titling, Ownership and Access

This program is an A-Z on account ownership and documentation. It is a must for anyone who opens or manages new accounts.

Six Essentials For Keeping Your Financial Institution Relevant & Secure

This webinar will discuss how new innovations in technology, shifting customer expectations, cyber security threats and economic pressures have dramatically changed financial institutions.
Sixty (60) Critical Steps for Handling Delinquent and Abandoned Safe Deposit Boxes

Get answers and establish internal procedures to comply with proper safe deposit requirements.
Small Creditor Revisions, ATR, And QM Requirements

Learn about the Small Creditor criteria and how they affect your Ability to Repay (ATR), Qualified Mortgage (QM) and Higher-Priced Mortgage Loan (HPML) requirements.
Smart Social Media

In this basic level class, we will review social media channels and trends, give specific suggestions for updating and content, and touch on how to set internal guidelines for staff.
Social Media Risks: What The Final Guidance Means, Including Compliance Tips

This session will focus on 4 keys areas that must be addressed by all institutions engaging in social media activities.
Social Networking: When the Socializing Ends and Compliance Issues Begin

This presentation explores some of the potential risks associated with the social media craze.
Spotting Opportunities and Making Referrals

In this two-hour webinar come learn how to enhance your preparation and your curiosity-seeking skills. Let us help you become a pro at transitioning from the transactional part of the job to the opportunity-seeking aspect.
SSNs, EINs, and ITINs: Understanding Your Job as a Withholding Agent

In this program we will review taxpayer identification numbers and W-9 and W-8BEN requirements.
Stay Out of Firefighting: Preventing Crisis by Planning and Prioritizing

This webinar is intended to offer thoughts and tools on how to get ahead of crisis mode and into planning and prioritizing.
Staying Up-To-Date with BSA & OFAC: Training for the Frontline

This webinar will provide an update of the BSA and OFAC regulations, as well as a review of the common mistakes bankers make in attempting to comply with the complicated requirements.
Strategic Loan Pricing

This session will cover two "big issues" that influence pricing, then three smaller issues.

Strategies To Win The War: Capitalizing On Your Competitive Advantages

During this session, we will explore winning strategies to: (1) capitalize on your competitive advantages, (2) expand your market share and (3) monetize your customer or member base.
Successful Collections: Scripting to Collect in Full & Meet Regulatory Requirements

This session is a cost-effective way to learn how to collect your money on time and teach a simple process that everyone in the office can follow.
Successful Sales Strategies for Lenders

This webinar teaches the primary skills, thought processes and behaviors necessary to expand relationships and client acquisition.
Successful Workout Strategies For Problem Loans

This seminar is designed to provide the participant with a disciplined strategy for approaching the loan when it reaches the workout situation.
Take a Bite Out of Cybercrime: Arm Yourself Against Account Takeover

Be prepared and be proactive! Don't be a statistic!
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliance Issues

For the last several years Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) complaints have been one of the most filed types of lawsuits across the country.
Teller Compliance Issues: CTRs, Reg CC and UCC 3 & 4

UCC 3 & 4, Regulation CC and CTRs are the big three compliance areas for tellers which require training.
Teller Training: Handling Checks And Deposits

Learn 10 Simple Rules to Handle Checks that can save you worry, litigation and money.

Ten Things to Look For When Analyzing Balance Sheets

This program will examine ten important things that every analyst and loan officer should look for when evaluating the information contained in balance sheets.
Ten Things to Look For When Analyzing Profit and Loss Statements

This program will examine ten important things that every analyst and loan officer should look for when evaluating the information contained in profit and loss statements.
Ten Traps to Avoid on the Frontline

This webinar will offer tips on what to do to avoid the traps and in so doing help make frontline staff more efficient, confident and prepared to tackle the daily responsibility of being on the frontline.
Ten Ways to Make Teller Training Stick

This webinar is going to give you ten ways to help make teller training stick. Tune in and learn from the country's most popular teller trainer on how to up the effectiveness when it comes to training.
The 10 Must-Have Skills for Customer Service Success

Today, more than ever before, good customer service is vital to the success of any institution.
The ACH Audit & Risk Assessment: What You Need To Know

Spend two hours with an ACH Auditor and hear what she looks for when performing the ACH Audit and ACH Risk Assessment.
The ALCO Process – Are You Ready For More Scrutiny?

We will review the various critical components of a good ALCO Policy and spend time looking at each issue that should be addressed therein.
The Art & Science of Asking Questions

Understanding some of the simple rules and principles of asking questions provided in this session will help you prepare.
The Art of Customer Service Communication

This course is power-packed with tips, techniques, and examples of how to communicate well in ways that get results.
The Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement: Key Questions to Ask

This program is designed to assist lenders and other credit professionals who want a fundamental understanding of the information that is contained in Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Statements.
The Bank CEO Guide to 5 Keys to a High Performing Sales Team

The 5 Keys to a High Performing Sales Team is designed to help you understand and overcome what limits sales teams. And it starts at the top of the house, with you.

The Banker Of The Future - Becoming A Universal Banker

Supervisors and staff will learn the expectations of a Universal Banker, plus skills needed to be effective in this role.
The Carrot And The Stick: Incentive And Motivation In The Workplace

Learn how to raise the bar to help employees get up and going with new motivational ideas

The CFPB Ruling On UDAAP & Collecting Past Due Accounts

This live, program will be instrumental in establishing proper collection policies to comply with regulations involving this information.
The Five Pillars Of BSA

During this webinar we will review the pillars of BSA.
The Four C’s of Exceptional Supervision - Conveying, Coaching, Correcting and Celebrating

The webinar focuses on the techniques and strategies you need in order to handle your job responsibilities successfully.
The Insider Threat - Don't Look the Other Way

You will learn the prevention steps every business should be utilizing to manage the risk of internal theft.
The Loan Review Process: Important Steps

Learn ways that a proper and thorough loan monitoring and review process can help prevent loans from becoming unnecessary impediments to your lending institution.
The Major Performance Factors for Success in Banking

We'll focus on how major performance factors may be affecting your selling success.

The New Ability-to-Repay and QM Rule: An In-Depth Look at the Issues

We'll go in-depth on the details of the rule, its application, and the specific requirement to provide you a thorough understanding of what is required, along with the consequences.
The New CFPB Mortgage Rules: Strategic Decisions That Must be Made Before Implemention

We'll discuss how the rules will fundamentally alter the business of mortgage lending both industry-wide, as well as in your bank. As a result, critical decisions must be made regarding how to approach the process. 

The New Sheriff in Town: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

We've been hearing about it and preparing for its arrival for almost a year now: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB.

There have been plenty of news stories about its development, political aspects such as its leadership, and authority to issue new rules and regulations. It's certainly true that this agency has almost unfettered authority to do pretty much what it wants to do when it comes to consumer compliance rules. Are you prepared?
The New Supervisor's Survival Kit

This "nuts-and-bolts" workshop is crammed with dozens of "field tested" techniques to put you on the path to supervisory success.
The SAFE Act – Identifying MLOs and the Registration Process

This webinar will seek to answer all your questions about the SAFE Act, MLOs, the registration process, and those required policies and procedures.
The State Of UDAAP: How To Manage The Risk

How to Prepare and Manage the Risk
The Tool Kit of Best Customer Service Practices

This webinar will provide you with an instruction manual on how to create bridges to better customer relationships, including a "repair kit" when communication goes wrong.
The Top 20 Things that Irritate Your Regulator Relative to Your BSA / AML Program

Ever wonder what are the sore spots and sensitive items that irritate your regulator relative to BSA / AML compliance?
The World of RESPA – What Lessons Have We Learned?

We'll discuss the legal landscape of RESPA and identify where the risks and challenges lie, so you can stay prepared.
These People Drive Me Crazy

This program will provide you with excellent coaching tactics on dealing with the challenging people issues that frequent the workplace.
Third Party Payment Processors - Why are Examiners Concerned?

Dont miss this interactive webinar presented by a former examiner and an expert in the payments industry.

Thirty (30) Important Steps to Properly Audit Your Safe Deposit Department

Learn the “nuts and bolts” and important steps to follow to audit your entire safe deposit function to protect against losses.

Three Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program: ERM, IT, and Internal Controls

This webinar will take you through a step-by-step process to develop Risk Assessments to address key areas of your institution.
Top 10 Most Frequent Flood Issues

This two-hour webinar explains the top ten issues financial institutions face regarding flood insurance.
Top 15 Issues With The New HMDA Rules
Dates through 11/5/2018

This two-hour webinar provides insight into the muddy areas of HMDA which may result in erroneous data fields on the HMDA LAR and lead to violations.
Top 50 Most Important SD Procedures - 2016 Update

Learn updated procedures to minimize your institution's risk with safe deposit operations.

Top Ten Mistakes on Deposit Compliance Exams

Learn about deposit compliance "hot spots" from recent enforcement actions and exam findings.
TRID - The When and Why of Revised Disclosures

Receive a thorough review of the timing, content, and cure requirements for revised disclosures. TRID veterans and TRID rookies will benefit from this review.

TRID Amendments 2018

This webinar is intended to review and discuss many of the major issues lenders are facing with TRID.
TRID Compliance Hot Spots

Learn about the latest "TRID" Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure compliance hot spots.

TRID For Construction Loans

The program provides answers for the many questions bankers have regarding the proper disclosure of construction loans.
TRID Update

Partner with us as we guide you through each of the areas of change in plain English so you can do what you do best, serving your customers!
TRID Update: Top 10 Most Common TRID Issues

Whether you are new to TRID or have been involved since its inception, this review of the 2017 amendments provides the information you need in order to implement the changes.
Trump Administration - New Employment Compliance Priorities for 2017

Learn about employment compliance priorities for community banks for 2017.
Truth In Savings And UDAAP: 10 Common Errors To Avoid

A comprehensive review of Truth In Savings and all the errors that can cause a financial institution to have a UDAAP issue or issues.
UCC 3 & 4: Endorsements and Other Legal Check Issues

Learn about many legal aspects of checks, and the compliance issues of Reg CC and BSA. This webinar will serve as the annual training requirement for both these regulations.

UCC 3 and 4 Issues for Tellers

Learn about many legal aspects of checks, and the compliance issues of Reg CC and BSA. This webinar will serve as the annual training requirement for both these regulations.
UCC For Lenders

This program is a comprehensive Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) secured lending program for persons new to banking and is also recommended as a refresher.
UDAAP - Yes, It Applies to Your Financial Institution

Learn how Unfair or Deceptive or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAP) could apply to your financial institution.
UDAAP And Vendor Management - How To Protect Your Reputation - And Bottom Line

What steps should your financial institution take to avoid some of the recent enforcement actions and violations cited for UDAP, BSA, Reg E and various compliance regulations.
UDAAP For The Board

This session covers one of the "hottest" compliance topics; UDAAP (Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts or Practices) violations that have been the source for costly enforcement actions. The materials that will be provided will satisfy periodic training for your Board Members.
UDAAP Risk Assessments

This program will serve as an introduction as to the broader aspects of the concept of the UDAAP risk assessment and how to assemble all the pieces to get the job done.
UDAAP: What Your Frontline Needs to Know & Do
Unclaimed Property Compliance for Financial Institutions

Get an overview of the law and basic tips to better manage and control this important compliance responsibility.
Understanding And Managing The CFPB Complaint Process

Learn how the CFPB complaint process has changed regulatory expectations, and what your bank or credit union should be doing to proactively manage complaints.

Understanding CCC Loans For Ag Lenders

Now that crop prices are much lower, farmers are again storing more grain and relying upon CCC loans to provide temporary funds until they sell grain months later.
Understanding Commercial Loan Documentation

Learn about documents in a commercial loan transaction and their legal impact on your bank, borrowers and the guarantors.

Understanding Commercial Loan Documents

This program provides a broad overview to the documentation process.
Understanding Global Cash Flow Analysis

This course is designed to assist bankers in calculating cash flow utilizing the Uniform Cash Flow Analysis (UCA) method and to provide guidance in calculating Global Cash Flow Analysis.
Understanding Letters of Credit

This webinar will discuss everything you need to know pertaining to Letters of Credit.
Understanding Real Estate Loan Documents

Gain understanding of all sections of required real estate loan documents.
Understanding Regulation CC And The New Amendments

A review of the final amendments to Regulation CC, which will impact fraud loss allocation and backroom check processing operations, set to take effect July 1, 2018.
Understanding The New Mortgage Servicing Rules

CFPB revisions to the Dodd-Frank rules for servicers relating to periodic statements for borrowers in bankruptcy will take effect April 19, 2018.
Underwriting the New Uniform Dataset Appraisal Requirements

In this webinar we will go over the new language, ratings and requirements that impact the way the appraisal form is completed.
Uniform Commercial Code Rules: How to Comply to Attach and Perfect Secured Transactions

The ultimate goal of this seminar is to provide the participants with an understanding of how to document, close and record secured transactions that are covered by the Uniform Commercial Code.
Uniform Mortgage Data

This webinar will address the new guidelines for loan delivery under the Uniform Loan Data Program.
Unraveling The Similarities And Differences Between The Green Book And ACH Payments

Learn the differences between the Green Book and the ACH Rules, with a focus on enrollment, payment processing, reclamations and limiting your liability.
Untangling The Web Of Fee Disclosures

This webinar will help you untangle the intricacies of numerous fee disclosure requirements.
Update On RESPA Section 8 Violations

This program reviews the RESPA/Regulation X rules that prohibit unearned fees and kickbacks and many of the recent consent decrees brokered by the CFPB.
Using Business Tax Returns to Analyze Lending Requests

This webinar will educate course attendees in the ways in which business tax returns are both similar to and differ from conventional financial statements.
Using Credit Risk Ratings to Determine Asset Quality (Asset Quality Ratings)

Learn how to establish or improve the risk rating system in your financial institution.

Using Government and Private Non-Profit Subordinated Debt Financing Programs

This program will examine the direct loan programs that are available from federal government organizations such as the Small Business Administration and the Department of Agriculture as well as state, regional and local development organizations.

Using Personal Tax Returns For Global Cashflow: What's Cashflow And What Isn't

Learn what forms and schedules in personal tax returns you should pay attention to and what you should ignore.

Vendor Management Best Practices – How to Address the New Challenges & Increased Regulatory Scrutiny

How do the new expectations differ from current practices, and what steps do financial institutions need to take now?
Violence In Your Workplace: Prevention & Response

In this presentation, we will analyze recent cases to identify unheeded warnings, and then identify physical security measures and procedures that either were not in place or were ignored.
Virtual Cash, Virtual Wallets, And Virtual Branches: The New BSA Frontier

We will look at the virtual currency issues and the BSA response to those issues. We will discuss the difference between the user, exchanger and administrator of virtual currency.
Virtual Training: Where Do I Start?

In this thought-provoking webinar you will gain an understanding of the virtual world, financial factors to consider, and a road map to bring live virtual training into your organization.
Vital Check and Deposit Issues

You will receive the 10 Simple Rules to Handle Checks that can save you worry, litigation and money.
Vital Check and Deposit Issues - Part II

You will receive the 10 Simple Rules to Handle Checks that can save you worry, litigation and money.
Vulnerability Management Improvements

We will discuss the expectations within the FFIEC Retail Payments Booklet.
W-9, W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E New Updated Forms and Info

During this program we will do a line-by-line review of the new forms and the subsequent tax reporting to the IRS.
What are the Most Common Compliance Violations? How to Avoid Them

This webinar concentrates on frequent compliance violations - those rules that historically cause the most violations.
What if Employee Engagement Actually Mattered?

Does engagement matter? Absolutely. So, what do we need to do about it?
What To Do When A Customer Dies

We'll walk you through the complicated process of dealing with a customer's death - both on the deposit side and the loan side.
When to Coach? When to Supervise?

This program will focus on teller performance management - it's the key to the teller becoming motivated and responsible.
Why is that Revolving Line of Credit Not Revolving? Structuring Short Term Lines of Credit

This session will examine in detail what causes a borrower's short term Line of Credit to become permanent working capital.

Will Your Front Line Cost You Millions?

This program will explain complex legal issues with straightforward and easy to understand rules of thumb.
Wire Transfer Basics

This webinar will cover the basic elements of wire transfers and how they differ from other types of payment channels.
Workplace Bullies and Disruptive Behavior

How to spot it, what to do about it.
Writing an Effective Credit Memorandum

Learn skills to write an effective credit memorandum.
Writing Business Account Procedures - New CDD Rules

Learn from A to Z the best practices for opening business accounts, documenting the authority and changing signers in the new regulatory environment.

Writing Effective Email

Learn how to write and respond to emails efficiently and accurately, get remedies for problematic messages, and leave with guidelines for managing emails.

Writing High-Impact Executive Summaries

Learn how to create and critique memorable, results-driven executive summaries.

Writing New Accounts Procedures with New CDD

We will take the core document from deposit accounts documentation and set up a working document so that you can tailor your procedures into the framework we will provide.
Writing Teller Training Procedures

Join us for an overview on writing teller training and procedures. They go hand in hand with success at the frontline.
You Must Comply! ACH Compliance

Non-compliance can cost you not only money, but your reputation.
You're the New Supervisor! Fasten Your Seat Belt!

This program will ramp up leadership skills and address critical supervisory issues necessary to become an extraordinary supervisor.
Your Renter Dies. Who Can Access the Safe Deposit Box Now?

When your safe deposit box renter dies, who can access the box now? Get this 2017 compliance update.

Your Teller Cash Drawer - Mastering the Balancing Act

We'll remind your tellers of the importance of their job, while reviewing steps needed to ensure balanced cash drawers.

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Dealing With Subpoenas, Summonses, Garnishments, Tax Levies, etc.Total Training SolutionsNo$325.00
Health Savings Accounts: It’s Time to Pay Attention!!Total Training SolutionsNo$345.00
Opening New Accounts: Business AccountsTotal Training SolutionsNo$345.00
Upgrade to Live + Recorded CDTotal Training SolutionsNo$140.00
What To Do When A Customer DiesTotal Training SolutionsNo$345.00

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